A REAL Amazing Selling Machine Course Alternative (2023)

by Hoz

1 Mar 2023

Even as you read this, there are FBA training courses popping up all over the market like wild mushrooms. Now, in principle, that should mean that there are plenty of Amazing Selling Machine alternatives. In practice however, it doesn't quite work out that way.

Here's why...

A real alternative has to be as good or better than the original. That's the whole point of having choices. Nobody really wants a downgrade, even if it's cheaper. This makes finding viable alternatives a lot trickier.

So let me save you some time:

What's the best Amazing Selling Machine Course Alternative in the market? A real alternative right now is Search.Find.Buy.

And here's why...

ASM is a proven Amazon course with over a decade of history and an impressive track record. I mean, they keep updating the course every year, and it gets better with each version. 

So, a real, viable alternative to ASM would need to at least be a proven sales course. And no, 10 'testimonials' and a course review on YouTube is not enough to get into the hall of fame.

Search.Find.Buy. is a great alternative because it's a proven course created by a man with a proven track record in ecommerce and a list of online successes longer than my arm.

More on this man in a moment...

First, let me quickly explain why all those Amazon courses (as they call them) are not all they're cracked up to be. Let me tell it like it is: many of those FBA courses are nothing more than a carbon copy of the bigger FBA training programs, often put together by people who bought a course, saw some success, and decided to put their own spin on things to make some money. 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with putting forth your own interpretation when you bring some value to the table. Unfortunately, when it comes to these would-be alternatives, some are – like certain mushrooms - just plain bad. 

If you've been searching around, then you'll have noticed the price range among these programs is rather inconsistent: some cost a lot of money while others are cheaper than a latte. That in itself can be a warning flag. The Amazing Selling Machine video course is an expensive undertaking. Any rival program worth its salt simply wouldn't be on sale for a song and a dance. Period.

So, while competition is generally a healthy thing, a flood of poor alternatives is not. And unless you know how to compare, having too many choices just gets overwhelming and stops you from taking action.

This is where Search.Find.Buy. is different; it’s a real contender to The Amazing Selling Machine, because of its creator. Ben Cummings is in fact an ecommerce master who has been crushing it online for many years, having cut his teeth in the real business world, where he built a successful offline business before he figured out how to transition online.

A few years ago, Ben transitioned to private label and figured out how to dominate the Amazon marketplace with his products. Today, Ben is a respected authority in more than one industry, from ecommerce to FBA and more. Ben also happens to run a popular podcast called Elevated eCommerce, where he shares insights and strategies.

This makes Ben a very safe bet, because a guy with so much visibility in the marketplace simply cannot afford to rip people off with bad training programs and scams. Unlike the seller of the unbelievably cheap course that keeps popping up in your Facebook feed, Ben has a reputation to keep.

Moreover, Ben's great success rate when it comes to selling physical products on Amazon is matched by few. And that’s precisely why Search.Find.Buy. is the best ASM alternative in my honest opinion.

Wait, does that mean I'm saying ASM is not the best FBA course around?

Not quite. I myself am an ASM 5 member, and I have seen a few iterations of the training since then, all the way up to ASM 11, so I know the material well. I've also been selling my own physical products on Amazon for some time, so I got to actually use what I learned. This is why I can say that The Amazing Selling Machine is - in my opinion - world-class training for anyone interested in selling physical products in Amazon's vast marketplace. 

I have also purchased quite a few smaller (and considerably cheaper) programs over the years, mostly out of curiosity, but I'm not about to review those because they simply don't compare to ASM. Just think: bad mushrooms.

So, I'm biased, but I do like ASM. In fact, one of the perks of being a member is that, once you purchase, you get a lifetime membership - and with that you get all the updates, which include the newest version of the program. 

Lifetime memberships are not unusual these days when it comes to training programs, but what is unusual is consistently receiving a brand new program year after year. Those programs aren’t cheap to make!

But I get why anybody would want an alternative to ASM...

Despite my praise, this is not an Amazing Selling Machine review. In fact, quite the opposite. The thing about ASM is that - for most people - it's pricey. Don't get me wrong, it was the same for me. In fact, I almost choked on my oats when I first saw the cost. I think back then, ASM 5 was around $5,000 USD, and I had never at that time bought a course that expensive - not even close!

The reason I decided it was worth it and ended up borrowing to buy (and by that, I mean reaching for the old credit card...), was because of the free training videos that Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback (owners of Amazing LLC) put out during each launch. The value in those free videos is such that I was convinced that their program just had to be the best around.

If you've ever watched any of the free videos during one of their launches, you know exactly what I mean.

But there were other things that helped sway me of course, I don't jump at just any old opportunity. There were plenty of great (legit) testimonials from people without prior experience of selling online, who found success. 

Let me throw a quick disclaimer here: not everybody who buys a training course is successful. In fact, stats have it that most people don’t even complete the courses they buy. I know this; you know this. So I don't recommend purchasing anything based only on testimonials. What people say is simply an insight into their experience. To get the same experience, you have to put in the work. And that's the hard bit.

But all that aside, the price is hefty, to say the least. That is, until you're on the inside. Once you sign up, you realise the quality of the video training, and the production, and you begin to appreciate that a team of world-class sellers and mentors supporting the ASM community around the clock must be expensive to run.

And, after all, the training is designed to take you from zero-experience to running your very own physical products business, which ain't too shabby. You can't expect to pay a few dollars for that kind of knowledge.

So, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Oddly enough, once you part with the cash and you get into the course, the sting wears off. But if it doesn't, you can always refund. You can't get a fairer deal than that.

Still, I'm not here to convince you to love ASM. Not at all. I'm simply saying that ASM is still my first choice.

So how does my recommended alternative compare price wise?

You must be wondering about price, right? Let's face it, if you're looking for an Amazing Selling Machine alternative it's because of the cost, not the content. Well, Ben's program is cheap in comparison; we're talking less than half the price.

And it gets better…

There is a free webinar you can attend to learn more about the course.

You can see the webinar here: Search.Find.Buy.

I like this check-it-out-before-you-buy approach, and a webinar is a good way to do it, because it's more detailed than a 2 minute ad and easier to consume than an ebook. So it's well worth your time to attend. You'll learn a few tricks and - more importantly - you'll see first-hand why Ben is one of the best trainers in this industry.


Few training programs can be classed as real alternatives to ASM because they simply don't come close to The Amazing Selling Machine’s success rate. One great alternative to consider is Ben Cummings' training course. Ben’s course has not been around as long as ASM, but Ben is a titan of private label and he teaches his own methods, which are highly innovative. 

You'll see what I mean when you watch the webinar. Consider it a free digital masterclass on how to sell.

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