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About Hoz

Hey, I’m Hoz (that’s actually my nickname). I’m a British-Spanish blogger and content creator from Liverpool (England).

All the content on this blog is written by me; there are no guest posts or sponsored content here

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I’m the author of Perfect Solopreneur, a book of hard-earned lessons over a period of 10 years, in which I built an online business, lost it all, and had to start again.

The premise of the book is how would I do things if I had to start again.

I think this is probably the most valuable question we can ask of anyone who has journeyed ahead of us. The learnings are in the mistakes, not in the successes. And as I always say: success is a string of failures.

The book is available on Amazon (just search for Perfect Solopreneur).

perfect solopreneur book
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer
Wow just wow
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This is one of the best self help books that I've ever read. Its one of the very few that actually provide real genuine advice and information. You changed a lot of my views for the better and I can't thank you enough.
Shawn Mathis
Shawn Mathis
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Very informative and believable. I felt like I could reach my goal. It was a quick read. Thank you for passing on life lessons.

I give away a lot of my courses for free, I offer some paid content on a pay-per-course basis and, for the serious online hustler, I run a membership site called Rising Solopreneur.  

The Hoz thing...

As a university student, I worked part-time as a junior computer programmer and general IT guy in a small firm where the accountant couldn’t for the life of him pronounce (nor write) my first name. He began writing Hoz on my wage packet instead, much to my horror.

Despite my best efforts to keep the matter secret, it wasn’t long before somebody saw one of the offending envelopes and, before I could concoct a likely story, everybody in the office (including the boss) began calling me Hoz.

More about Hoz

Then, still reeling from shock and dismay, just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, a coworker visited me at the student house where I was living at the time, and uttered the name by which I was known in work. Others heard; all laughed. And thus the nickname spread like a virus, infecting everyone in the house.

My only remaining refuge was my personal circle of friends, but that sanctuary too was doomed. One of my fellow students was part of my personal circle of friends. There was nothing I could do. It took one single night out for the nickname to stick to the lips of everybody I had known and trusted as a friend.

Years later, and still to this day, Hoz is what people call me. There are people walking among us who don’t even know I have my own name.

And there it is. That’s why They call me Hoz.

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