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Hey, it’s Hoz with a new roundup of the Hoz guides and today’s featured guide is all about how to accept online payments.
The guide itself shows you how to set up payment plans for customers but it actually covers step by step what you need in order to be able to take payment online.

This guide applies to you if you:

  • want to sell digital products
  • want to sell physical products
  • want to accept online payments for services

So let’s talk about what how to get started:

The 2 Keys For Accepting Credit Card Payments Online

  • A merchant account (to process payments)
  • A checkout page (for people to pay you online)

Don’t be put off by any of those 2 things, because my guide shows you how to set everything up with just a few clicks.

You do not need to be a designer and you do not need to know anything about building websites or shopping carts.

How to Accept Online Payments Without PayPal

In the guide, you’ll discover that I use Stripe as my payment processor. This is a great alternative to PayPal, and it’s free, meaning there are no monthly fees, which is great because if you don’t make a sale one month, you don’t pay anything.

I then show you the cart I use, which is SamCart and once you see in the video (inside the guide) how I set up a product in minutes, you’ll see why I recommend this cart.

Again, you don’t need any design skills you don’t need any coding skills: it’s all point-and-click.

If this is something that you’re looking to accomplish, then get the free step by step tutorial from the resources below:


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