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In these two quick videos, I’m going to show you how to add social media buttons to WordPress blog or blogs that are hosted by WordPress. The process is different if you host your own WordPress site.

If you host your own WordPress site then check the how to add social media icons to your menu guide.

How to Add Social Buttons to Your WordPress Blog Menu

The process is simple and straightforward. From your admin dashboard, go to themes and then select customize. When the dash loads, go to menus. Please watch the video walkthrough to see the visual process.

When you’re in the menu area, you may notice a tab called social media. This tab appears on many of the themes on wordpress.com that have this functionality in-built.

So the first thing to do is to check if your chosen theme supports social media. If it does, then the process to add social media buttons to WordPress blog or sites is extremely easy.

In your admin dashboard, when you click on social media, you’ll notice that you can select a display location for the buttons. For example, you can select the header or the navigation menu as the location to display the buttons.

You can also add social media buttons to wordpress blog footers – see the video below:

How to Add Social Media Buttons to WordPress Blog Footer

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