Best Shopify + Aliexpress Dropshipping Guide (2020)

shopify and ali express guide imageWhen it comes to dropshipping, the key question is where to source your products from.

Well, one great place to source from is Ali Express.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the entire process.

HINT: it’s easy.

And here’s how this guide came about:

When I wrote about how to start a drop shipping business guide, I basically laid out a Shopify and Aliexpress dropshipping guide, which I  describe as the ultimate dropshipping model (and you’ll see why very soon).

If you’re looking for a way to get started online, then dropshipping done the way I suggest in this video is possibly one of the easiest online business models right now.

So let’s get into the guide with a little briefing:

The Ultimate Drop Shipping Model

The reason I think this is hands down one of the best online biz models is that you can get started with little to no investment, which makes the barrier of entry really low.

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Traditionally you’d have some hoops to jump through in order to set yourself up with this model: you’d have to contact different manufacturers or wholesalers (or even middlemen or agents) in order to establish your supply chain. The problem with that is that you

The problem with that is that you had to prove that you had some credentials maybe some experience as they would almost always ask for a link to your website.

This can be a real problem for you if you’re just starting out, of course. Saying that you’re new at this and you’re looking to get started never goes down well.

If you were the manufacturer, you wouldn’t generally be keen on spending the time and effort to get a newbie who wants to sell your product started – not when you could be spending the same amount of time and effort on somebody who has already established themselves as an online seller with a good old online store that’s getting some good old traffic (monthly visits).

The Shopify With Aliexpress Dropshipping Guide Bypasses All Those Issues…

This drop shipping guide bypasses that by utilizing Ali Express as your dropshipper and Shopify as your ecommerce store.

In the guide, you’ll discover how you can use the Oberlo app to make this a point and click exercise. Think of this app as a middleman that enables you to search for products and choose the products that you want to sell and add them to your store in the click of a button. so you can literally have

You can literally have a store with hundreds of products with just a few clicks.

Those products are coming directly from manufacturers in Ali Express who offer drop shipping. And here’s the key to why this model is so powerful:

  • you don’t have to deal directly with suppliers
  • you don’t have to have previous experience
  • you don’t have to spend any money buying stock upfront
  • you don’t have to store that stock somewhere
  • you don’t need to have a room in your home filled with boxes
  • you don’t have the potential problem of never selling that product

You can see now why I think this is the ultimate aliexpress dropshipping guide.

And it gets better…Now for a few

For a few dollars a month, you can actually automate everything within this app so that when somebody places an order on your store, the manufacturer gets the details of the order and picks, packs and ships the item to your customer’ss door for you.

So you can literally have an automated dropshipping business practically running itself. Of course I recommend that you log into your dashboard every now and then and just take a look at the numbers and see what’s going on, but the point is that this is a really easy model to get into, the risk is really low because there’s no upfront investment and you won’t be spending lots of time working it if you do things the smart way.

Finally, here’s my drop shipping guide – use it as a resource:

guide to dropshipping