Amazing Selling Machine Cost & $100K P/M Guarantee

2 min read(Last Updated On: January 13, 2018)


The ASM course is LIVE. So the big question is: What’s the Amazing Selling Machine cost?

Well, the cost is around $4k (it was a tad more when I joined back in ASM5).

Now, on the one hand, that can seem like a steep price for a training course (it did for me, at first…). You really need to see and experience the content to understand why this price is actually low!

Why Does ASM 8 Cost And is This The Best Amazon FBA Online Course?

The Amazing Selling Machine cost justifies itself with the high quality of the content, but also because of the trainers themselves, who are massively successful Amazon FBA sellers, so you’re getting training from the best people who have a proven model that works.

The word ‘best’ is objective, of course, but having been through ASM myself, I seriously doubt that any training anywhere else comes close to what Amazing Selling Machine delivers.

Moreover, there is a special deal with ASM 8 that just makes this training even more of a no-brainer for anybody who is interested in jumping into Amazon FBA selling.

And that thing is a $100,000 per month guarantee.

If you haven’t yet, go check out the free training here before they take it away!

Is There an Installment Plan to Help With The Amazing Selling Machine Cost of The Training Course?

Yes. There is usually a payment plan provided with high ticket training courses, in order to help students with cash flow. Thankfully, ASM 8 is no different.

Where to Go and Get ASM 8