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Before I cover The Amazing Selling Machine from top to bottom, let me quickly tell you that right now ASM8 is available to the public.

To find out what that’s all about, click here to see the training page and watch the video below for more information.


Ok, let’s get on with the task at hand.

It’s like this…

Making money selling on Amazon can be difficult when you don’t have a blueprint to follow.


… this is precisely what The Amazing Selling Machine (aka ASM) is: a recipe for success in Amazon.

In this quick article, I’m going to cover everything you need to know about ASM, from A to Z (pun intended) so that you don’t need to ever read any more ASM reviews.

I’m also going to show you why this is a huge opportunity for the taking.

Let’s do this…

The Amazing Selling Machine and Selling on Amazon as a Private Label Brand

In a nutshell, this is all about creating and launching a brand in one of the world’s busiest marketplaces. And don’t worry if you’ve never done anything remotely similar. Neither had I when I started, and neither do the majority of students.

This is actually the whole premise of the company: they want to create entrepreneurs and they’re doing so by showing them how to take advantage of probably the best online opportunity in terms of ROI around today.

Let’s check them out…

Who is

Amazing (as the company behind the training program is known) is a company that teaches people how to create an online business and become entrepreneurs. The company itself includes a team of individuals who run their own multimillion-dollar brands on Amazon.

Who better to learn the ropes from than people who are successful selling on Amazon eh?

What is ASM Exactly and What Does the Amazon FBA Training Cover?

The Amazing Selling Machine is a training course. More specifically, it is an Amazon FBA training course that teaches you step by step how to sell on Amazon and covers everything you need to know when to comes to creating and launching your own private label brand.

The training program is currently on version 8 (ASM8).

It includes:

  • how to find the best selling items on Amazon
  • what top selling items on Amazon make good products to private label
  • how to become an Amazon seller and set up your brand the right way
  • how to buy from Alibaba and sell on Amazon
  • how to find wholesalers
  • the criteria to follow for knowing what to sell in Amazon

The training covers a lot more and goes in-depth into all the key areas. It even advises you on how to communicate with manufacturers and how to manage your relationship with them.

The program is designed to take complete beginners without any knowledge of selling online or of even dealing with businesses and takes them through everything step by step.

What is Private Label Selling and Why are there so many Amazon FBA Courses?

Private labelling is simply buying a product from a manufacturer (for example an iPhone case) putting your own logo on it and then selling it as if you were the manufacturer or the product maker.

The Amazon marketplace is a perfect place for private labellers to sell their branded products. This is precisely why there are so many courses about this particular business model.

NOTE: ASM is the only course I recommend (you’ll see why in a moment).

So What Exactly is The Opportunity with Private Label and Selling on Amazon FBA?

Amazon is a huge marketplace. It has an immense amount of trust among its users. People like – and even love – Amazon.

For sellers, this is a massive opportunity to tap into a huge market because when you list a product in Amazon, unlike your own ecommerce store, many if not all of the following perceptions can take place in buyers minds:

  • your product must be decent because it’s listed on Amazon
  • buyers are protected by Amazon (which is true of course)
  • In short, when somebody buys your product on Amazon:
  • they are seeing Amazon’s brand, which they trust
  • they are using Amazon’s checkout, which they trust

If you’re interested in ecommerce stats, then just know that conversion rates in Amazon crush conversion rates on most ecommerce stores.

It’s all about trust…

NOTE: while this presents a great opportunity to build an online business, the key is to arm yourself with the right knowledge (preferably from successful sellers) in order to maximize your own chances of success.

Is the Amazing Selling Machine Course Free?

The ASM training program is not free. However, they do give away very high-quality free training videos and if you can’t afford the program or you’re just at the research stage, then know this:

  • the free training videos are put together by highly successful Private Label sellers
  • consider the training a free consultation with some of the best FBA sellers on the planet

Get the Amazing Selling Machine Free Downloads + BONUS for ASM 8

My Personal Experience and The Mistake that Cost me 12 Months…

I first came across the Amazing Selling Machine program a while back when I received an email from one of the many blogs I was subscribed to letting me know that I need to get into this right now.

That was ASM 4…

I had never heard of Amazing and I was like… what is ASM?

I quickly found out, but back then, I had never considered selling on Amazon. I wasn’t an Amazon seller, nor did I want to be, so naturally, I ignored the email.

Over the next few days, I received a few more emails with warnings such as The Amazing Selling Machine is Closing! It was no big deal. I also ignored those.

Until finally, I got the email that said ASM is now closed.

And then…

For some reason, I clicked the link to the first ASM video on an email that had caught my eye.

And I was blown away.

Blown away by the sheer scale of the opportunity that is Amazon.

It may shock you to discover that Reuters reported that in 2017 Amazon shipped over 5 billion items via Amazon Prime.Click To Tweet

5 billion!

And here’s the thing…

…not every brand in Amazon is a big snazzy brick and mortar company or a household name. Far from it. I think the majority of sellers are independent sellers.

And that includes private label sellers. Like myself.

I realised there and then that my dismissing this opportunity simply because I wasn’t an Amazon seller was a poor decision. Because it wasn’t really about being a seller or not.

If somebody gave me that same excuse today, here’s what I would tell them:

The only question is do you want to make money online or not? Do you want to run an online business that takes relatively little time to set up and run, doesn’t require any specialist knowledge and has huge potential?

If so, then selling on Amazon and using their FBA channel to get your products into your customers’ hands is that opportunity.

I realised that after watching the first ASM video, and I realised to my horror that I was too late to join ASM.

The launch was over. Done and dusted. Doors closed. Free training taken offline. Everybody in the party. Except for me.

And so, I had to spend 12 months waiting for the next opportunity to present itself.

The following year, I joined ASM 5 as soon as the doors opened. I flew in and secured my place. Within a month I was selling on Amazon and actually making money with Amazon FBA.

The training itself is – in my opinion – the best Amazon FBA training on the planet. Period.

Now that we’re here, let’s talk money…

What is The Amazing Selling Machine Cost?

This an be tricky to answer, for the simple reason that Amazing have changed a few things (for the better).

ASM 5 was – if I remember correctly – $5,000. However, the current version ASM 8 is, I believe, around $4,000.

But get this…

I think this time around they’re offering a 5 instalment payment plan to make the cost as affordable and manageable as possible.

Back when I invested in the program, I opted for the 3 instalments payment plan, which was the only option I remember.

Do I think this training program is expensive?

I did when I bought it but then changed my mind as I started to go through the training.

These days, I realise that learning from the best in any field the highest ROI on my investment.

Why I Recommend The Amazing Selling Machine Training and Their No-Brainer 100% Money Back Guarantee

Whether you fancy yourself as an online seller or whether the thought has never crossed your mind, I urge you to take a look at the free video series (you have nothing to lose – the content is free).

What you will get from the videos is how big this opportunity is, and I’m a big advocate of knowing what opportunities are out there, regardless of whether you act on them or not.

You need to arm yourself with knowledge in this fast-changing world. One skill and one source of income are simply not safe enough in my opinion.

At the end of the free video series, you’ll know in your own gut whether private labelling is right for you. At the very least, you’ll be keenly aware of how things work for Amazon sellers (you’ll actually learn how the process works in the video series).

If you’re looking for an Amazing Selling Machine review then consider this one. Also, there are tons of Amazon success stories in the Amazing website from people who started out knowing nothing about selling online or running a business.

If you did decide to invest in the course, then you have a 100% money back guarantee. That to me makes it a no brainer to try it because you really have nothing to lose!

I hope this article gives you the full picture.

Now you know:

  • who the company is
  • what they’re about (their mission)
  • what the training is about and who it’s for
  • what guarantees they offer (100% money back)
  • what free training they offer
  • why this online business model is so popular

Whatever you decide, I encourage you to check out the free videos series (don’t make the same mistake I made when I first came across this program). You have nothing to lose and some cool insights, tips and knowledge to gain!

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