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Hey, Hoz here with a quick announcement about the Free Amazon FBA automation blueprint you can get your hands on for a limited period of time.

Amazing Selling Machine (i.e. the ASM guys) are running a free series of 4 videos educating viewers on what it takes to run a private label business.

Here’s where you can get that free training: How to Automate your Amazon Business

The video is packed with actionable content and the high-quality training that we all expect from Amazing.

Now, as you may well know, one of the main perks of this online business model is the fact that you’re location-independent, which means that you can be sitting on a beach in Malibu and – as long as you have wifi – you can be running your business.

So this is a business you can bring a lot of automation to.

Naturally, there are a few pieces to making this work on autopilot. The trick, of course, is knowing what those pieces are. Shucks, if only you had an Amazon FBA automation blueprint…

Well, here it is. Now, despite the tremendously cheesy lead up I did just then, this is a very valuable guide. So let’s position this in the light it deserves:

Get Your Free Guide to Running an Amazon FBA Business on Autopilot While You Live The Laptop Lifestyle

The ASM guys are very successful Amazon sellers themselves, and they’re giving away a document that reveals all the pieces needed to make this work while you jet off across the world.

Pretty good, no?

But here’s the caveat:

The Free Amazon FBA Automation Blueprint is a Time-Limited Offer

If you’re considering joining ASM, or even if you’re not, you may want to get the download anyway – just in case.

Even if you decide later on to give this business model a try all by yourself, this Amazon FBA blueprint guide will come in very handy.

I recommend you grab the guide and, who knows, it may come in handier than you imagine.

Resources: Where to Get The Guide