What’s The Best Amazon FBA Course for Beginners in 2023?

by Hoz

8 Mar 2023

In this post I'm going to share with you the two ultimate Amazon FBA training courses - my ideal choice and an excellent alternative. 

Let's do this.

The best Amazon FBA course for beginners is The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM). The program teaches you how to set up your own private label business step by step, selling your own products in Amazon.

ASM is a comprehensive video program that covers everything you need to know from a to z to get started selling on Amazon. The program shows you the process in an easy to follow format, covering basic and advanced strategies to give you a complete picture.

You don't need to have any prior experience selling anything, nor do you need any marketing experience, because the training program is structured in a way that works for both newbies and experienced sellers. 

The fact is that ASM was created by very successful FBA sellers who know how to deliver top quality training and guide students through their process. Additionally, you get access to a members only area monitored by a team of very helpful mentors whose job it is to answer students' questions.

And in case you're wondering...

I joined The Amazing Selling Machine back when version 5 launched in 2015, after seeing their free training videos.

Here's what happened...

When ASM 4 launched, I got an email from an affiliate whose list I was subscribed to at the time. The affiliate in question is a marketer, but wasn't an Amazon seller at the time. He was emailing his list to make them aware of what he considered a great opportunity to generate revenue online.

That opportunity was selling on Amazon. And the best way to take that opportunity was (and still is) by learning the ropes from a proven training program. That program was, of course, ASM.

I was curious. In fact, I remember thinking:

Can you make money on Amazon FBA?

The truth is, I had never considered selling on Amazon. My thing was blogging and digital products. I'd done some drop shipping, but owning my own physical products business was a new concept for me at that point. 

The email made me aware that the opportunity existed and served as a review for The Amazing Selling Machine. I just had to click the link and see. So I did. That landed me on a free 4-part video training series. You see, Amazing (the company behind the course) put out free training during an ASM launch to give everyone a taste of the material.

For a newbie, the free training is mind-blowing. I learned how to research and source products and create my own brand, a method for qualifying what makes a good product to sell on Amazon, how to list and rank the product and how to take my business to the next level.

All for free! It was all I needed to start.

Of course, the free training didn't go into any great depth (you can't cover a big topic like selling on Amazon FBA in 4 short videos - that's what FBA courses are for) but nonetheless, I felt like I had stumbled across a pile of secrets, and I wasted no time putting them into action.

I had all the knowledge I needed to build my first physical products brand. I started researching potential items to sell and sourced my first product from a Chinese supplier at a good price. It was a leather iPhone case. I set about branding it and launched my first product a few weeks later.

Considering I did all this without spending any money on education, I had great success with that first product. I made many sales using the method I learned in the free training and I was starting to generate significant income. 

But there's only so much one can achieve on their own. I mean, I did't read any books on the subject; I didn't even attend a free class, let alone a masterclass. I literally watched 4 short videos and I was off to the races.

But as we all know...

Success generally requires knowledge.

And I just didn't have enough of it.

In my case, I ran out of stock just as my product was taking off. In fact, just as I hit page 2 of the organic results in Amazon. It took me about 4 weeks to get new stock back into Amazon's warehouses, and by that time I had lost my rankings.

But I was happy with my achievement. I was excited. I had experienced success, however fleetingly, and I it hadn't really taken that much on my part. When you've bought as many get rich quick schemes as I have online, you can only feel shock and surprise when something actually works, and it works this fast.

That's not to say that any product will work, of course, or that just by learning a little you will make something work fast. You may do, or you may not. Who knows.

But my product worked - at least until I ran out of stock. So I decided I wanted better results. However, I didn't want to waste hours and money on trial and error. I once heard a wise man say that the cost of any course is infinitely cheaper than time. 

That did it. I decided that now it was time to go pro. I was ready to invest in education.

The fact is that selling on Amazon is a viable business when done properly. If you have a product that people want, Amazon has the buyers. All you have to do is put the product in front of them. 

Of course, I'm simplifying this a little. You need good branding, a well written listing page, good images, and a good strategy for getting that product in front of those buyers.

In short, you have to know what you're doing. You could wing it, of course, but the easiest way to stack the odds in your favour is to learn the game before you play.

But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying knowledge is the only variable here. Amazon is a third party platform - we don't own it, and that means there's a risk, regardless of how knowledgeable we are. Amazon can shut down a seller's account, for no reason (or for a reason that may make sense only to them). Also, other funky stuff outside of your control could happen. But then again, every business has risk.

The whole idea behind ASM is to leverage Amazon's vast marketplace as a platform to launch your business. But at some point, you diversify and become less dependent on the platform. You can do that when you have a good brand. People will search for you in Google.

That's, essentially, what Amazing teach. How to get started and then how to diversify. So I wanted in. I had looked at other programs on the market but none offered the depth that ASM does. Also, the ASM teachers were perfectly qualified to teach this stuff, which was critical to my buying decision. 

My advice is always to learn from the best, if you can, and this was the highest rated course I could find.

But there was a problem...

ASM was closed. The program opens only for a few days every year - sometimes twice a year - so I had to wait for what seemed like an eternity for the next version (ASM 5) to launch. When it did, I bought it right away. 

I've never looked back. As a member, I enjoy lifetime access to the course as well as every upgrade they release. 

If you want to learn how to sell on Amazon, whether you're a novice or a veteran, choosing the right course is key, and ASM if my recommended course, especially if you're a beginner.

How much does ASM cost?

The Amazing Selling Machine usually costs around $5k, but they have an instalment plan as well as money back guarantee.

You can read all about The Amazing Selling Machine course here.

What's a good alternative to ASM?

If you don't have the budget, then I do have a viable alternative to The Amazing Selling Machine. The program is question is ran by Ben Cummings, a master of selling. I have experienced his coaching course and the man is brilliant.

You can find out about his course, Search Find Buy here.


There are many Amazon FBA programs around, but few if any come close to ASM in my experience. ASM is perfect for a beginner and also for more advanced sellers who aren't making the sales they feel they should be making. 

ASM is a proven course and has been running for over a decade, undergoing full updates every year - sometimes twice a year. The founders are themselves extremely successful FBA sellers and thus qualified to teach this topic better than most.

ASM however is not usually open to the public. They normally open once a year - sometimes twice - for just a few days. 

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