Amazon FBA Infographic: Start an FBA Business (in 5 Steps)

2 min read(Last Updated On: December 31, 2017)

Running your very own home-based business has always been an attractive choice for many, and whilst there are a few online business models you can follow, one in particular is fast becoming a mainstream popular choice for people looking to create an independent income stream. This inspired me to create this Amazon FBA infographic.

I’m talking about selling on Amazon as a private label seller of course.

This online business model is very appealing, mostly because of the following reasons:

  • you get to work from home
  • you don’t need prior experience in business
  • you don’t need prior experience in marketing
  • you don’t need any particular skill set
  • you can travel around while you run your business because you’re not location-independent

Those options are hard to beat!

Add into the mix the fact that many private label sellers make fortunes selling on Amazon, and you can see why this entrepreneurial venture is so appealing.

Now, while there’s no particular skill set required to make this business model work, you do need to have the right tools to make it work efficiently.

I would go as far as saying that, without the right tools, your success is largely a matter of luck. On the other side, with the right education and the right toolset, you can create an online empire for yourself.

And it’s easier than most other business models that I’ve come across!

The bad news is that finding the right tools to make this business work can be a little daunting.

That’s where I got the idea for creating this Amazon FBA infographic to distil the entire process for you into 5 easy steps. This way you can cut out the noise and see what’s needed.

I’m an Amazon seller who runs 3 separate brands, so this process is my tried and tested approach

I wanted to go the extra mile for you (that’s what I’m here for). So as well as the sexy infographic, there’s a step by step blueprint that accompanies that.

Let’s take a look at what we have here:

Your Amazon FBA Infographic and Step by Step Blueprint

Here’s what I have for you today:

The infographic will provide you with a quick bird’s eye view of the entire process, and the step by step guide will show you the nuts and bolts as well as the tools to use for become a successful private label seller.


Infographic: How to Start Your Amazon FBA Business in 5 Steps

Note: you may borrow this Amazon FBA infographic and display it on your own website or blog, but please remember to attribute ;)