This FREE Amazon FBA webinar is packed with tips...

by Hoz

4 Jan 2023

In this post I'm going to reveal a free Amazon FBA webinar you do not want to miss. But I'm also, I'm going to tell you why I NEVER watch live webinars…

Weird, I know... but it will help you get the most out of every webinar you watch from now on.

 So let's start with the Amazon FBA webinar:

Ben Cummings has an Amazon FBA webinar that runs every 15 minutes (an evergreen webinar) where he introduces his course and teaches you some things about selling on Amazon. The webinar is free and there’s no obligation to buy anything, so it can be worth attending for most people who want to learn to sell on Amazon.

 Now let me tell you why I don't watch live webinars...

I used to binge watch webinars as a great way to get my hands on new information at no cost. No financial cost, that is. But as you know, nothing is free. The real cost was time. I was spending a tremendous amount of time watching instead of doing.

Now, in order to do, one has to know, and that was the whole point of watching webinars in the first place, to learn how to do. So it was a catch 22 situation: I needed to watch to learn, but it was still taking up a lot of time.

So I came up with a nice hack that enabled me to watch dozens of webinars in a week without having to spend hours sitting in front of them. And I still use it today whenever I want to watch a video, a presentation, or a webinar.

Let me explain everything…

Back in the early days of my solopreneur journey, I was watching up to 3 webinars per day. I was literally signing up to any webinar I thought may be useful, although I was only able to attend about half of them. I just didn't have enough time.

Now, webinars are generally presentations that lead to a sale. You could say they are sales presentations. And the best way to sell something to somebody is to demonstrate the product or service in action. Webinar hosts know this, and that means any good webinar will include a training element, usually presented before the sales element.

This helps the webinar host earn establish a degree of trust with the audience and – hopefully – impress the audience to a point where they want to benefit from whatever is being sold.

Amazon FBA webinars are no different. In fact, they can be some of the best webinars to watch, because earning the trust of the audience usually means having to sacrifice some cool tips and tricks and even strategies that successful FBA sellers use in their own businesses.

If you’re selling on Amazon, or learning, watching a few webinars can really benefit you, more so than watching YouTube videos only, because a YouTube video may share only a tip or two and may be delivered by a seller who doesn’t really have the authority or experience to teach strategy.

Also, most YouTube videos are not planned or scripted, and if the video is old, the information in it may actually be poor or outdated advice.

A webinar on the other hand, usually has to ‘sell’ something, so the webinar host or creator is much more invested in making the webinar work.

In fact, they can’t really afford for the webinar not to work, especially if they are sending paid traffic to it.

This means most webinars are essentially well planned, with up to date information and packed with tips.

This is what makes webinars my favourite type of free content.

Why I stopped watching live webinars…

After watching more webinars than I can possibly remember, I realized two things:

  • The cost in time of watching those webinars was tremendous. I was spending hours each week consuming information.

  • Watching webinars around the clock can quickly make you feel burned out.

That’s what happened to me: I was consuming content like it was going out of fashion, often times back to back, and I eventually reached information overload and the dreaded burnout.

 The irony is, I was watching webinars to progress forward, but watching too many caused me to crash.

So I came up with a plan..

Don’t watch live webinars …

The first thing I used to my advantage is the fact that there’s a pattern – a format, if you like – to a webinar. Any good FBA webinar also follows this structure.

The reason for this is that the structure works.

Here is it:

  • Intro

  • Educate

  • Wrap up and sales pitch

  • FAQ

I would always be one of the first to join the session and I’d watch the presenter testing the chat box, asking where people were from and saying hello.

This meant sitting through at least 15 to 20 minutes of pleasantries before we could get started.

So I began recording webinars in order to avoid the pleasantries. Sometimes, if it was a good one, I would be itching to watch it live, and usually I gave in and watched as I recorded instead of using that time to do something more useful. This shows how used to this routine I had become. Clearly, I needed to retrain my brain.

But still, the plan was working:

Recording webinars enabled me to claw back massive amounts of time.

 Here’s how:

Skip the intro

The intro is designed to build rapport with the audience. Intros are where the host or hosts brag – I mean talk – about their successes in order to impress us and make us respect them for their achievements.

Naturally, their achievements have to be in line with what we want to achieve. So in an Amazon FBA webinar, the host will tell what they have achieved as an Amazon seller in order to establish themselves as an authority on the subject.

A recorded webinar enables you to skip the intro and get to the meat of the webinar. Saving 15 minutes on every webinar you watch can amount to a significant amount of time. Watching 16 recorded webinars can save you around 3 hours of time just by skipping the intro.

Naturally, if you like the product or service being pitched at the end, you may at that point want to go back to the intro and watch it to see if you can trust the seller.

Skip the pitch

Likewise, a recorded webinar also enables you to skip the pitch or fast forward to the sale without having to sit through the value building section of the webinar, especially if you have no intention of buying.

In my case, because I had no money, I wasn’t there to buy. I was there purely for the information section of the webinar. 

And by recording webinars I was no able to skip both the intro and the wrap up, and go straight to the price section if I was curious or interested.

Speed is everything

The final thing I implemented is perhaps one of the most valuable – although you can only do this if the webinar is recorded:

Speed up the playback speed. It’s that easy. Some video players have a speed up and slow down feature built into them – usually accessible by clicking an icon in the bottom right.

If the player doesn’t have playback speed controls, then you can download and install a browser extension to enable you to speed up the video.

There are many apps for Google’s Chrome browser in the Chrome app section, and there are others available for other browsers, including Firefox.

How fast you can speed up the webinar video depends largely on the pitch, speed, and tone of the speaker’s voice, but I find that with most people I can speed the video playback by double.

The ability to watch webinars at speed enabled me to consume a tremendous amount of information very quickly. Skipping the intro and skipping though most of the wrap up enabled me to extract the knowledge I wanted quickly and efficiently, without having to sit through an entire 2 hour webinar.

This simple but effective workflow really helped me optimise my online information consumption. I would record webinars and watch them at speed in the evenings, whenever I decided to stop working. 


Watching a good Amazon FBA training webinar is a good way to learn actionable information you can apply to your business. One such webinar is Ben Cumming's own.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the fact that webinars are typically better structured than most YouTube videos to create a better workflow with just a few simply tweaks.

For example. watching a recording of the webinar rather than the live webinar, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to extract the information you want from the webinar.

This saving in time can be used to consume more content, which means you can learn more, faster, in the same amount of time.

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