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Hey, it’s Hoz here and if you’re on this page watching this video then I’m assuming that you’re looking for some information on the ASM 8 program.

The training course is now open and you can get more information by clicking here.

I’m an Amazon seller myself I have three brands in Amazon (I was on the ASM 5 program) and I’m fully behind this program as I believe it is the best Amazon training course on the planet. Period.

My FBA guide explains the process starting from scratch and also the tools for success – the tools that you need to automate this business.

Some FAQ’s to clear things up:

Is there an ASM 8 Download?

Yes. Visit the ASM page (link below the video) and you’ll get access to 4 free training videos as well as a PDF download.

Where Can I Get The ASM 8 Program?

You can get the ASM 8 program here: ASM 8
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