How I Backup a Page in WordPress in 1 Click [Video]

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In this post, I cover my method to backup a page in WordPress, which includes an awesome plugin that enables me to back up my posts and pages in 1 single click.

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OK, let’s get to it!

Hey, it’s Hoz here and the video on this post is from a WordPress tips and tricks episode in which I talk about backing up a page in WordPress.

This is similar to the how to duplicate a page in WordPress post, where I explain that one of the main reasons for duplicating a page on your blog or website is when you’re creating a new page but you want to maintain consistency across your page layouts. In that scenario, you would simply clone an existing page and use it as the basis of your new page, thus keeping your layout consistent.

Now, this is actually the same process I use to backup a page in WordPress – it actually uses the same plugin – but the reason I backup a page or a post in WordPress is a little bit different from the reason why I duplicate pages.

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Although this is an extra step that can easily be forgotten (ahem…) when things do go pear-shaped and you loose your work, you kick yourself for not having done this.

The good news is that the plugin I use these days enables me to backup a page in WordPress in a single click.

In the video, which I recommend you watch, you’ll see me navigate to Plugins in my WP admin dashboard, and search for the plugin I use.

The Page & Post Cloning Plugin You Need in Your WP Site

The plugin is called Duplicate Posts. And this is what it looks like:

The plugin I use to backup WordPress pages and posts

As you can see, the Duplicate Posts plugin has a very distinctive icon, which is always a plus (especially when you search for it continually to install on different WordPress sites.

Now, like I explained the clone a page post, there are a few plugins that provide this functionality, but hey. I like this one (it’s tried and tested, which goes a long way).

The 1 plus million active installs this old plugin has clocked so far is also pretty impressive, and in this case I think it’s a good thing (i.e. active installs is not the only thing you should look at when considering a plugin, but I’ll cover that in a different post).

Here’s The Process I Use to Backup a Page in WordPress

Once I install and activate the plugin, there is nothing to configure. The plugin has no settings: as soon as you activate it, it’s good to go.

What actually happens once the plugin is active, is that a new hyperlink appears under your Pages and Posts screen when you hover your cursor over the title.

You can watch me demonstrate this clearly in the video, but let me give you a visual here or what this looks like:

cloning a page in WordPress

Once I’ve cloned the page or the post, here’s what I do:

  • I rename the clone to something appropriate and include the word BAK – this let’s me know at a quick glance that this page is a backup
  • I add the date to the end of the title – this is crucial if you’re going to be creating multiple versions (trust me, you’ll lose your mind if you don’t stay organised)

Adding the date is a good idea, especially if you’re working on a page for more than one day.

In my case, when I do some work for a client, I send the page or pages for review and the feedback can be slow in coming. By the time I get the feedback, I’ve slept and done a ton of other things, but using dates and a good naming convention on my pages helps me quickly get back on track.

If there are multiple versions being reviewed and one will be chosen, you need to be able to ascertain which version that is in your WP admin dashboard so you can safely delete the other versions.

Finally, on those occasions when you have to roll back to the original or a previous version, your naming convention + date will save your proverbial behind.

Now, as with most things, there are always some questions, so let me address the most common one:

Can I Backup WordPress Posts With Images Using This Plugin?

Yes, absolutely. Since what you’re doing, in effect, is cloning a WordPress post or page, you’re creating a perfect copy of the post or page, and that includes images as well as everything else on that post or page.

I hope you found this useful and I hope you like the plugin!


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