Beaver Builder Page Builder Not Saving (How I Fixed it)

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Hey, Hoz here continuing with the Beaver Builder Troubleshooting Series. Today, I’m sharing what I did when I was having an issue with the Beaver Builder page builder not saving the contents of the page.

Just to be clear, when this particular issue happens, the page builder loads fine and you can work inside the builder, but it won’t save the changes.

This is a different issue to the Beaver Builder page builder not working, where the page builder won’t actually load. You can check out that article to see what the solution is.

So, there I was, crafting a beautiful landing page, dragging and dropping elements and tweaking them to perfection.

It was a Tuesday. I remember it well.

And then everything went pear-shaped. It was terrible. I pushed myself back two inches against the couch and gazed lovingly at my creation before finally sealing the deal by clicking the save…

…and nothing happened.

I clicked again, and again… but the damn thing was not saving.

To say that I cursed and spat and slammed down my best coffee mug would be to play things down.Click To Tweet

So there was my dilemma. I was unable to save my work.

Resignedly, I killed the page and opened another one, loaded the page builder, dropped a few ready made bits of eye candy and tentatively tried saving it. Alas, nothing saved.

Something was bust.

The thing is, the builder had been saving just fine up until this point.

So… if you’re here, perhaps you’re experiencing the same issue I did. Let me enlighten you with what I discovered, and hopefully, that may just do the trick in solving your issue.

Let’s take a moment to warn the nutters that these nuts may actually contain nuts. I started doing these silly disclaimers back when I started the Beaver Builder CSS Snippets series, and now I keep on doing them for no apparent reason.

But here goes: this post and any guide that I create are my own and not something the creators of this fabulous page builder put out.

Ok, that’s the nutters dealt with. Let’s get to the meat of this:

The Culprit of my Beaver Builder Page Builder Not Saving Issue…

First of all, if your issue turns out to be not the same as mine, you will want to resume your troubleshooting by tackling what I call the usual list of suspects:

  • switch off all other plugins
  • clear your cache
  • try again
Switching plugins is almost always yoru first port of call when troubleshooting WordPress issues.Click To Tweet

What I do: I always open up an incognito window in Chrome, or a private page in Firefox, as these options usually bypass cookies (hence the ‘privacy thing’).

But if you’re experiencing what I was, then here’s where you should be at right now:

  1. the page builder loads fine
  2. the page builder works fine
  3. the page builder won’t save

I had, of course, turned off all the other plugins at this point, but that didn’t make a difference.

So, I contacted the host. And guess what they found…

The firewall was freaking out each time I tried to save an edit. Seriously!

So, if you’re having issues with the Beaver Builder page builder not saving your work but loading fine, touch base with your host and actually ask them to check the firewall logs, especially if you’re in a shared hosting environment.

So what happened next… I hear you ask. I changed hosts, naturally. After some to-and-fro with support and their wacky firewall playing up some more, I didn’t bother to stick around. Instead, I went over to the host I use for WordPress and finished the website with no more hassles.

Call me fickle if you must, but having dealt with hosts for over a decade of running a digital agency, you get a feel for the good and the bad. The old shared host with the psycho firewall was an old downgraded server plan I still carried at the time.

My Beaver Builder page builder not saving my work means my tools ain’t working, and if that’s happening because of my hosting environment then something needs to change fast. And it did.

So go check with your host. Jump on live chat (tell me your web host has live chat!) and quickly check.

Now, let me give you some resources that I think you may find interesting down below.


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