Beaver Builder Page Builder Not Working (How I Fixed it)

beaver builder not working imageOne of the most frustrating issues you can experience when working with this framework is the Beaver Builder page builder not working.

Typically, what happens is that you can’t load the page builder.

In my case, when I troubleshoot this issue, the page builder hangs during load.

Luckily the lovely folks over at BB HQ lent a hand and found the culprit.

Let me point out that the issue was not the page builder. To be fair, it never is. It’s usually an external factor or something that interacts with the builder at some level, such as other plugins.

I wanted to create this post to help you out if you experience this issue because the root of my issue is not an uncommon one, but it’s not listed in the troubleshooting guide.

Ok, so before we go ahead, I want to put out there one of those sexy disclaimers, and that is that this post and any guide that I create are my own and not something the creators of this fabulous page builder put out.

I know I know… it should be bloody obvious, but that’s how it is.

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So let’s get to it:

How to Troubleshoot The Beaver Builder Page Builder Not Working

First of all, to eliminate any nonsense, go through the Usual Suspects:

  • switch off all other plugins
  • clear your cache
  • try again

Tip: you can always open up an incognito window if you’re in Chrome, or a private page if you’re in Firefox, as these options usually bypass cookies (hence the ‘privacy thing’).

Note: if you use the Autoptimize plugin, test that one first because it can cause issues with some themes depending on what settings you have.

In many cases, just turning off the rest of the plugins may help you quickly identify the cause of the Beaver Builder page builder not working properly on your setup.

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If the builder loads properly after you’ve done this, start reactivating each plugin one by one and trying the builder to make sure it loads after every plugin you activate.

Using this method, you should arrive at the culprit. When you do, you may have to find a replacement plugin that plays nice with Beaver Builder, since cursing at the bastard thing doesn’t usually fix the problem (I tried).

But what if that doesn’t work?

Well, I’m glad you asked because that didn’t work for me either. If the above doesn’t fix your issue, there’s a good chance you have the same problem I had.

So let’s crack this:

Root Cause: loading additional versions of jQuery on the same page.

I was using a snippet of code from the Rapid Mailer plugin on my website. I had it set up to capture leads externally (so the plugin runs on a site A, and the code on site B pushes the subscriber info to site A).

As this was a subscription form, I added it to the footer widget, which was showing globally (i.e on every page).

What I didn’t realise was that the plugin’s snippet was using jQuery (jeez, I don’t read everything) and so, when a page (any page) loaded, the footer widget script loaded…

…which meant that when I tried to edit a page using the Beaver Builder, the page builder as well as the footer widgets were trying to load separate jQuery scripts and upsetting everything.

So, the moral is this story is to remind you to check whether you’re using a form or any element in your footer or header that you can remove in order to test whilst you’re troubleshooting.

I had completely forgotten about the subscriber form code in the footer widget and continued to test the Usual Suspects until sundown without any luck until support pointed out my fail.

If you’re experiencing the Beaver Builder page builder not working issue on your own site then I hope that this may give you a helping nudge.

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