100’s of Beaver Builder Templates Layouts & Sections 2020

beaver builder templates imageOne of the best WordPress Page Builder plugins just got better with a powerful addon that gives you access to tons of beautifully designed Beaver Builder templates, modules and sections.

Hint: I use this on all my Beaver Builder sites.

In this quick post, I will tell you what that addon is, and I’ll walk you through it in the video down below.

I personally use half a dozen wp page builders across multiple blogs and websites, and Beaver Builder is one of my favourites.

The BB theme itself comes with a few bundled templates as well as the child theme and the bb plugin, which has the page building functionality.

But if you’re like me, then you want a library of awesome templates at your disposal that you can just drag and drop onto your page without any hassle.

Naturally, the way to do this is to go get yourself some templates… but that can get expensive quickly.

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A few years ago I used to use a WordPress framework called Catalyst and I ended up buying almost a dozen child themes from different developers, from real estate themes to portfolio showcase templates and everything in between. Aside from the cost, the support just wasn’t there in the case of one template I purchased (there wasn’t even a small knowledge base to browse through when you needed it).

With the beaver template, I took a different approach. I found…

The One Source of Beaver Builder Templates That I Use Over and Over

My stash of themes and modules and extensions now comes from the powerful addon. And the nice thing about the company that provides this plugin is that they are a big development company who specialise in different platforms, not just WordPress, and who have created some very popular plugins currently on the market today.

This is good news for you and I since it means solid support as well as a plugin that is maintained.

Beaver Builder Ultimate Addons

In the over my shoulder video below, I’m going to walk you through the plugin and give you a demo review on how to use it and how awesome it is. Obviously, these are layouts responsive, mobile friendly and retina ready, perfect for building websites, landing pages or a blog. I use these themes for all 3 of those and I routinely create beautiful one page full width designs complete with parallax elements, a breathtaking hero banner slideshow, eye-catching boxes with rounded corners and nice gradients, the inevitable pricing table, a gallery with lightbox image features or a carousel type slider and the sexiest buttons you’ve ever seen, each complete with its own icon.

The plugins packs all the things you need:

  • templates
  • sections
  • modules

Some examples of modules include:

  • FAQs
  • contact forms
  • google maps

The list goes on (as you’ll see in the video below) and there are literally way too many to mention without turning this page into a Wikipedia contender.

You drag and drop the section or module you want, you edit the text, you plug in your own images and you’re done. And if you need help, there’s a support portal and they’re pretty fast in getting back to you should you ever need them.

So let me walk you through it all visually with my youtube video tutorial and that way you can see exactly why I’m so excited.

Note: I shall list all the resources you need below the video.

Video Demo Review & Quick Tutorial of Beaver Builder Templates Layouts & Sections

There you have, if you’re looking for beaver builder templates or beaver layouts, you will love this addon. As you can see in the video, the plugin comes packed with hundreds of templates and modules and sections for Beaver Builder. The fact that you can access all this power with a simple click makes this astonishingly powerful. The magic, of course, is the fact that all this goodness is delivered via a plugin.

I’ve been using this addon for over 2 years now and my mind still boggles at the ever-growing template library. The modules section is my favourite: there are contact forms, faqs, Google maps, content sections and all types of elements. And all this for a one-time purchase.

Now, as you can probably tell, I’m a Beaver Builder fan. Many of my WordPress sites use this plugin, and the original Hoz blog (which you’re on right now) was built with Beaver Builder.

I have since switched to Elementor, which is now my go-to tool. But I’m still a Beaver Builder user.

And that’s my dirty little secret when it comes to BB: the Ultimate Beaver addon plugin. It really takes things to the next level. There are so many layouts and elements in this plugin that you could literally knock out a template website a day and keep going for years.

And by this way, this plugin is super affordable, it’s a one time cost and it will take you design to a whole new level.