The Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO in 2018

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Hey, it Hoz here with another Ask Hoz session and in today’s session I’m going to be answering the spiffing question: if I am just starting out with SEO what would be the best keyword research tool to invest in regardless of price?

Well ,this is a great question actually and there are a million and one tools as you probably know (and no, I haven’t counted them…).

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When it comes to keyword research tools, the thing to remember – especially with the lower quality tools – is that most of them get their info from Google. So a lot of times you’re better off going straight to the source (i.e. Google) which is free.

Now, the problem with the Google Keyword planner is that it is a tool for PPC advertisers – that is pay-per-click.

However, there are tools that do stand out and the one that I recommend is called SEM rush. This is by far the most comprehensive keyword research tool that I know of.

Now, obviously gets the data from a source (Google, I imagine) but they have their own algorithm to do some voodoo to the data, from which they produce numbers for organic search traffic as well as PPC traffic.

The fact that many of the top SEOs use this tool themselves is a reflection of the value of the quality of this tool, which is in my opinion the best keyword research tool.

Now, this tool is not a free tool. They do have various monthly plans depending on your budget and your status (and I don’t mean whether you’re married or not by that).

Luckily, they have a 14 day trial so you can jump in there and try out the tool and see for yourself is this is the best keyword research tool around!

How to Use the Best Keyword Research Tool?

Is There a Cheaper Alternative to SEMrush or What’s the Cheapest Best Keyword Research Tool There is?

Well, the word best is objective, of course, but I can tell you a cheaper alternative that I use myself: Market Samurai.

I’ve always liked this keyword tool. In fact, I have a soft spot for this – I’ve used it for many years and the guys over at Samurai seem to be solid in their planning and in what they’re doing: they’re always evolving they keyword tool.

One nifty feature of this tool is that you get a desktop app, so you can do your keyword research right on your desktop. There’s also an SEO section that checks for certain metrics that I like and agree with.

You have to remember that SEOs and SEO companies decide what metrics are ‘important’ but ultimately Google’s algorithm is the only thing that matters. Unfortunately, that’s not public so we’re all guessing with testing and guessing all the time what metrics are important.

This is why some keyword tools are slightly different to others: because they consider some metrics to be more important and others don’t.

But I think the guys over at Samurai have got it right, and this is why I use their KW tool.

How to do Keyword Resaerch with Market Samurai


Now, my first preference my first choice is SEM rush by a longshot. I’m just giving you an alternative here – a cheaper option that can work for you – but it’s not a close second. In my opinion, no other tool is a close second to SEM rush.

Okay, so that’s my answer to this question. Go and check those tools and see what you think of them.


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