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In this Ask Hoz session, I get to answer the popular question: what’s the best way to get traffic to a website? 

I often come across variations of this questions, such as:

  • how do I get more visitors to my WordPress website?
  • how do I generate traffic to my Shopify store?

The first thing to realise is that the answer is not platform-dependant. You get traffic to your WordPress website or your Shopify store the same way that you get traffic to any website.

The platform is irrelevant. We are dealing with web pages on the Web and getting visitors to them.

The Best Way to Get Traffic to a Website Depends on a Few Things…

When it comes to traffic you have two options:

  • free traffic
  • paid traffic

Now, the trade-off is that free traffic takes hard work and time. It takes time to generate free traffic, so whilst it may be free in terms of money, it’s not free in terms of time.

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The benefit of paid traffic is that it’s immediate, there’s no waiting – and that’s what you’re paying for.

Best Way to Get Free Traffic to Your Site

When it comes to free traffic, the way that I recommend approaching this is by publishing great content. That’s where it starts.

Now, let me add here that if you’re not a writer or a good enough writer, or you just don’t have the time to commit to creating content, you may have to buy that content. And that then means that traffic is no longer free in terms of money.

If this is your situation, you may want to consider paid traffic.

On the other hand, if you’re able to publish good quality content on your website or on your blog, then the next step is to promote that content everywhere you can.

Staying true to the free approach, I recommend using social media platforms for your content distribution.

Promoting that content on strong social networks can help you generate social signals, which is a factor search engines may take into considerating when ranking your website pages.

The general rule of thumb is that social signals are good. The more the better. Those social signals can translate into better rankings in the search engine results, which ultimately means more visitors to your website.

Since this method incurs no measurable financial costs, this is the best way to get traffic to a website for free.

It takes hard work and it takes time. Publish content, promote, then rinse and repeat and watch your traffic grow.

But always consider the indirect but very significant cost of time. When you’re spending your time on one thing, you can’t do anything else, and that is a cost.

The Fastest Way to Get Traffic to a Website

When it comes to fast traffic, paid traffic is king.

And when it comes to paid traffic, there are many channels open to you, including:

  • Facebook ads
  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads

Those are some of the easier methods to get started with to generate immediate traffic. With paid ads, you can set up a campaign and literally reach hundreds or thousands or even millions of people within minutes.

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Another advantage of using paid traffic methods like these is that you get immediate feedback. If you have an offer on your webpage, you can quickly gauge reaction by sending visitors to your offer and measuring results.

If your offer doesn’t convert, you can always pause your paid traffic and tweak the offer before turning on the traffic once again. This gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility and more than justifies the cost of advertising.

You can rinse and repeat this process to improve your conversion and your profitability.

Combining The Two Methods to Get Good Web Traffic That Converts

A great approach, particularly if you take the paid option and work on improving your conversion rate, is to then start publishing great content and promoting that content to start generating free traffic to an offer that you already know converts because you’ve tested it with paid traffic.

Conversely, if you just work on generating free traffic, you’re really working very hard to eventually send traffic to an offer or to a page that is not proven. In this case, your conversion optimization is only going to start after you’ve committed time and effort.

The worst case scenario is that your offer stinks and you spend months creating and promoting great content only to eventually grow a traffic stream that doesn’t convert and simply bounces off your pages.


The best way to get traffic to a website depends on the method you want to take, namely free or paid traffic. You can take either approach and even combine both methods.

If you take the free traffic method, the best way is to generate content that your intended audience wants to consume and then promote it everywhere you can in order to reach your intended audience.

If you take the paid approach, the best way is to choose the method (e.g. paid ads) and run ad campaigns to drive visitors to the pages you want to get exposure to.

Each method has advantages and disadvantages but both methods have a place.

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