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Knowing which host to choose when you’re starting out with your new blog can be a headache. It’s not like there’s a guide to the best web hosting company for beginners out there that every new blogger receives.

But is it important?

As it turns out, it’s super important. It can make-or-break your blogging career (and I’ll explain why in a moment).

So let’s dig in.

Which Web Host Should You go for as a New Blogger and What is the Best Hosting Service for WordPress?

If you’ve already starting to look around for web hosting, you probably already had your senses overwhelmed by never-ending buzz words like SEO friendly web hosting, WordPress optimized hosting and even Unlimited web hosting.

This is a competitive market and one that likes to sensationalize headlines, which can make it difficult for beginners to choose the right company.

How Your Web Host Plays a Part in Your Success

In my WordPress performance optimisation guide, I talk about the 5 things that matter most, and hosting is on that list.

Here’s the bottom line:

Crap hosting will result in slow loading pages. And slow loading pages will result in poorer rankings, which in turn means less or no traffic. And that can be the death of your blog.

That’s how important this choice is.

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Should You Start With a Cheap Shared Host?

At the end of the day, you need to start where your budget allows you to start. Don’t sweat it if you can’t afford anything other than a cheap shared server. Just be aware that it is a limiting factor and work hard until you get to a position where you can upgrade.

That’s what I did.

Then I upgraded my hosting as soon as I could, and I saw a performance increase right away.

Check my results out:

As you can see in the video, my host of choice is SiteGround (goGeek plan).

Let’s see why:

The Best Web Hosting Company for Beginners Right Now

The goGeek plan is their semi-dedicated plan. When you compare the price tag against a similar service, you realise what a great deal they actually have.

On top of that, SG’s support is phenomenal and available 24×7. That to me is always a requirement.

NOTE: they will transfer your existing website from your current host (for free) if you select that option when you sign up. If you miss it, then just open up a live chat and ask them to move your blog.

And here’s an Ask Hoz session where I discuss this topic in more detail:

Discussing the Best Web Hosting for Blogs and Websites

It doesn’t get easier than this.
If on the other hand, you want (for whatever reason) to move your blog yourself, then check out my quick video on how to migrate a WordPress site.

If you want to geek out on this, check out Matt Cutt’s thoughts on this process:

How to Move Your Website to a Different Host

Just keep in mind that almost every host I’ve come across will actually do this for you, and most of them make this a default option when you sign up. If you don’t see it, you just need to ask.

What is the best web hosting service for WordPress?

My blog is a WordPress blog and I host with SiteGround. Most hosts cater for WordPress and there are, of course, very high-end hosts that offer dedicated hosting. My assessment takes budget into consideration, especially since this guide is for beginners.


When it comes to finding the best web hosting company for beginners you need to look at the top hosts and compare their offers. I don’t recommend starting out with a cheap shared server if you can avoid it, as it does affect your page loading speed and that can affect your rankings.

My choice of host is SiteGround’s goGeek plan (check the Resources section below for the link) and this is my recommended best web hosting company for beginners and pros alike.


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