Best WordPress Theme for Beginners & Pros (2018)

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You’d think that after more than a decade using WordPress both personally and professionally, building hundreds of sites, one would have sussed the best WordPress theme a very long time ago.

If you’re a veteran, what I’m about to say will resonate with you. I can almost see your head nodding now. If you’re a beginner, then heed this:

The Best WordPress Themes Come and Go

Seriously, I have found the perfect WordPress theme several times over the years. I built dozens of clients sites as well as my own using great page builders that a few years down the line folded.

That’s actually happened a few times now.

But don’t despair, for this time I have what I consider to be the very best WordPress theme and I honestly don’t think these guys are going away anytime soon because there’s a big difference this time.

It’s like this…

Up until recently, I was using Beaver Builder. In fact, this very blog was using the BB theme as well as the BB plugin. I’m a big fan.

When I wanted to extend the functionality of that page builder, I found the Ultimate Plugin for BB, which I started using right away.

Much to my surprise and delight, the company who built the plugin is the very same company that I already had purchased other products from. They’re a big company and they’re big on development.

Moreover, they’re not just in the WordPress space: they have multiple best selling products that are not WordPress related.

In other words, these guys have built a company that isn’t dependent on a single platform, they rock and they have a proven track record for producing top quality plugins.

Now, imagine if they built a WP theme… Now wouldn’t that be something?

Well, they did.

The Best WordPress Theme I’ve Tried to Date is Free

You read that right. They built the best theme, and they gave it away.

This blog runs on it, and it rocks.

Here’s why:

  • it’s super lightweight
  • it’s superbly well coded
  • it’s optimised
  • it’s flexible
  • it’s free
  • it comes with tons of gorgeous ready-to-use templates

Moreover, if you’re looking for the best WordPress theme for beginners, this theme is noobie friendly. It’s easy and intuitive to use.

That said, I’ve built hundreds of sites for clients and I absolutely love it. Beginner friendly doesn’t mean simple in this case – this theme is the best out there and it’s built by pros for pros.

The theme is called Astra.

I use Astra Pro because it only costs a few dollars and the Pro version gives you full control over every element.

This is my recommended theme and I consider it to be hands-down the very best around, with the unexpected bonus that you can actually download and use it for free.

You can check out my stack to find out all the things that I’m using today.

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