Is it Too Late to Start Blogging for Profit in 2018?

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Hey, it’s Hoz with a new ask Hoz session and in today’s session I’m going to be answering the amusing question: is it too late to start blogging for profit?
Well, the answer is no, the web hasn’t ‘run out’ yet so it is not too late to start blogging.

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We had a similar question on one of the previous Ask Hoz sessions about monetizing your blog.

As long as you’re realistic and you have a monetization plan for your blog, then all is good. But don't expect to monetize from day one.Click To Tweet

Blogging for Profit Takes Commitment

I’ve yet to see an example of a blog that was an instant success, although there are almost always exceptions of course. But generally, blogging for profit is a mid to long-term play, because you have to invest time (at least) in generating good quality content in order to attract the right audience in the first place.

So there you go, as long as the blog is interesting to people and that means publishing good quality content then people will visit and read the blog; and as long as there are people consuming the content on the blog you can monetize that blog (in most cases) via a number of ways.

So the answer to your question is it too late to start blogging for profit is definitely no, because once the blog is in place and there’s good content, all you need are visitors, and visitors are people (and there’s plenty of those around).

So go get started!


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