Does PPC Work for ALL Websites? (How to Test)

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Hey, it’s Hoz with a brand-new ask Hoz session, and in today’s session I’m going to be answering the tentative question: does PPC work for all websites in all niches?

What if for me PPC Does Not Work?

Well, if ever there was a broad question this is it. Nobody sane is going to commit to answering something so broad because there will always be someone who has an example of the exception to the rule.

That said, initially, the answer is that it’s very unlikely that PPC marketing will work wonderfully for every single website in every single niche, simply because things don’t work like that.

OK, now let’s get granular and dig into this question:

Does PPC Advertising Really Work on Google for Small Businesses in Any Niche?

PPC advertising, short for pay-per-click, can work for a website but not necessarily for all websites.

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However, note that not all websites will be able to advertise using all PPC platforms, because all PPC platforms like Google’s Adwords, Facebook’s PPC platform and other, have terms of conditions that stipulate what can and can’t be advertised.

In other words, whether you’re able to advertise your business or your website via PPC, depends largely on the content and the intended audience.

So from that point of view, PPC does not work for all websites.

The easiest way is to ask. Not all PPC platforms have the same T&C’s, so you need to ask the platform you specifically want to advertise in.

Here are some things you can do to find out:

  • read the terms of service page of your intended ad platform
  • email or call their support and ask if your website or content qualifies

There’s also a litmus test that you can perform to quickly identify your chances of advertising in a given platform. Let’s take a look at this option because it’s very easy and very quick (and we like that!)

Does PPC Work For Your Competition?

Finding out whether your competition is using PPC to advertise can help you determine a lot of things. So many in fact, that regardless of whether you choose to contact the platform’s support, you should still do this, because it’s competitive intelligence.

So here’s the test:

  • ¬†search for a term in your niche
  • see if any of your competitors or advertisers that have a similar offer are displaying ads

If there are advertisers on that platform with similar offers to yours, then the answer is probably yes.

Moreover, this type of competitive intelligence yields more gold nuggets for us. Let me show you how:

Does PPC Work for Your Business?

The real answer is that you have to try and test it. However, you can observe your competition to remove a lot of the guesswork and actually get a good idea of whether this can be a viable way for you to advertise.

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The real question is not really does PPC work, but rather: will PPC work for you and can it be profitable?

Testing takes time and money and you have to be prepared to make a loss until you find something that works.Click To Tweet

But, some of your competitors have already gone through all that jazz… so if you could reverse engineer what they’re doing, that would give you a very good starting point and save you time and money.

Here’s how:

Track your competitors’ ads for a couple of weeks at least. Keep checking on them and note whether they are the same ads or whether they are making any changes.

If after 2 weeks or more they are still running the ad, they’re probably making money. Only a buffoon would run an ad continually if it was losing money.

That said, I have seen plenty of businesses throw money away because they were unable to measure their ROI, so even the ad runs continually, keep that in mind.

Ideally, you want to track several competitors in the hope that they’re not all stupid.

You can use a tool like Spyfu to do this for you automatically and far more efficiently. It’s worth the short-term investment because it’s going to save you from spending money on ads that don’t perform.

Test Your Own Offer Using PPC Advertising

When it comes to the crunch, you will still have to test your own offer of course, but at least you’ll have a headstart with all the data gathered from your competition.

How well PPC works for you depends significantly on things like:

  • your price point
  • your offer
  • your target audience
  • your landing page design
  • your landing page sales copy (the text on your page)

Ultimately, if there’s a market for your offer, then technically PPC advertising should work for you as long as you can reach your target audience and make a profit after your advertising costs.


Here are some video tutorials that will help you get started:

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