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“How do I find out my domain authority?” is a question I used to hear all the time back when I was working 1 on 1 with SEO clients. If you’re wondering this very same thing, then the answer is simple: with a domain authority checker tool.

And it gets better…

You can check the authority of your domain name (as well as your page authority) with a free tool. Actually, it’s a paid tool that allows users free access for a limited number of searches within a 24 hour period.

The free version of the Domain authority checker tool will do you just fine if you just want to get some data on your own domain or even that of a competitor.

If on the other hand you want to check DA in bulk or you want to check multiple pages quickly, you may want to look at the paid plan.

The tool itself is very easy to use.

Let me show you how easy with this quick over the shoulder video:

How to Find Out Your Domain Authority With This Free Tool

The video above shows you how to use the Domain Authority checker tool by Moz. It’s also a page authority checker. When you type in a domain name into the search box and hit search, you’ll get both DA and PA metrics.

If you’re working to increase your domain authority this tool will let you know if you’re on track. I use it a couple of times a month just to check everything is moving in the right direction.

How Important is a Domain Authority Checker Tool in Your SEO Toolbox?

As you may well know, Domain Authority is a metric that a company called Moz came up with. Whilst it’s not a Google metric, it is nonetheless a pretty good replacement to Google’s old PageRank, which they did away (sadly) with a few years ago.

Moz figured out a load of factors that correlate with top ranking pages, thus their tool is a good indicator of your domain name’s ability to rank. So it’s a pretty good tool to have. In fact, it’s essential.

Many a good SEO use DA to analyse a website’s ability to rank – a key skill that can save you much time, money and heartache.

As you would expect from the people who came up with the metric, Moz actually has a domain authority checker and it's called open site Explorer.Click To Tweet

Tip: the easiest way to find Open Site Explorer is simply to search for it in Google rather than memorizing the URL. Most of the results on the first page are all Moz, so click on the first link or the one that makes more sense.

I believe that you get locked out after 2 or 3 uses when using the free tool (I never count them, but I think you’re allowed 3 searches per day).

Go check out the tool and see what you think!


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