Some Easy Ways to Make Money Online in 2018

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Hi, it’s Hoz here with a new ask Hoz session, and today’s question is what’s the easiest way to make money online?

Whilst there isn’t a singular answer to this because the reality is that there isn’t a single job that each and every one of us can do excellently. But there are certainly a number of easy ways to make money online that should be within most people’s grasp.

Let’s assume that this question is based on the following criteria:

  • we want something we can embark upon without investment and obviously legally
  • we want a job we can do from home every day from our PC or laptop
  • something genuine but easy that doesn’t involve trading or betting or scams of any sort
  • something that can be done in one’s spare time (e.g. if you’re a student or a stay at home mon / mum) that doesn’t’ require spending all day as if it were a real job
  • ultimately, we want legit easy ways to make money online for free and fast

How does that list look to you? Like a pipe dream? Well, hang in there. Nobody is promising making quick cash for nothing, but there are genuine and legal jobs that you can do very easily and mostly in your own time, some of which require no skills and that can certainly pay out.

So let’s get started.

Where to Look for The Best and Easiest Way to Earn Revenue from The Web?

Let me preface this by saying that how easy or hard something is to sell depends largely on you.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s take for example an insurance company. Let’s say this is a huge insurance company that has a sales team 200 strong. If you looked at the performance of that sales team, you’d notice that there are very few that perhaps sell millions worth of insurance a year (let’s say the 20% to keep the numbers easy). Within that 20% is going to be a 4% or a 5% of best-performing salespeople who really knock it out of the park.

Meanwhile, the 80% of the workforce don’t perform as well by comparison. And in that 80% there’s going to be the bottom 10% who are basically crap at selling insurance.

Now, if you were to ask one of the people in the top top 4% what’s the easiest way to make money, they would tell you that selling insurance is, because they’re really good at it. And if you were to ask

By contrast, if you were to ask the bottom 80% of that same workforce, they would probably tell you that selling insurance is the hardest way to make money. You see

So it’s not the way or the method; it’s more about you. It’s how well suited you are to that method and it all depends on your own mindset your own skill. So there

So there isn’t a generic easy way.

So What are Some Easy Ways to Make Money Online That Require No Skills?

Filling surveys online is one of the easy ways. As long as you can type with two fingers then you can get by with this one. You can do a search in Google for something like make money and filling surveys and I’m sure Google will bring up the right results.

Essentially what happens is you sign up – usually for free – (in fact I wouldn’t sign up to an account where you have to pay) with one of these companies that do surveys and inside your dashboard typically you’ll find questionnaires or surveys. You can then click the ones that you want to do and just fill them out. I mean it

It may take you one minute or it may take you five minutes, depending on the length of the survey. At the end of that, you submit your answers and wait to get paid.

Typically, you’ll be able to track your earnings on the dashboard.

Something to note: if you want cash, then make sure you read the terms of service before you sign up because some companies offer coupons as payment instead of money.

Approach these companies with care. Based on my own tests, I recommend that you partake in a couple of surveys max, and then wait to verify that your dashboard earnings update and that you do indeed get paid.

It’s always a good idea to read the FAQ to understand how they work and what is expected of you. I also recommend that you look for a live chat feature and hit them up – just to make sure that they are contactable.

The video explains my experience in more detail, so make sure you watch it before you sign up to any of these sites, then you’ll know what to look for and what potential trickery to avoid.

But on the whole, this is one of a few easy ways to make money online because the actual work requires no particular skill and it’s basically typing answers to survey questions (and most of us can do that).

Another Way is to Become a Freelancer

The next method is hiring yourself out as a freelancer – particularly if you have a skill, although you can do plenty of no skill jobs too. There are plenty of marketplaces where you’re able to sign up as a freelancer. One of the most popular freelancing websites is

You basically set up an account with them, fill your profile out with your relevant skills and start looking for business owners who have posted jobs requiring that skill.

If, on the other hand, you have no skills, then you can set yourself up as a VA (a virtual assistant) and do any number of tasks. Some of those tasks

Here are some examples of tasks a VA may do:

  • typing
  • online researching
  • posting to social media sites
  • uploading videos to YouTube

You will set your rate in your profile, but you can still accept jobs that pay less than whatever rate you set. Generally, this is a good thing to do at the start, so you can build up a work history and earn some testimonials and feedback that will, in turn, enable you to get hired later on at a higher rate.

Watch the video as I discuss Upwork in depth, including how it works and other examples of how you can set yourself up if you have no skill (or if you do).

Getting Paid for The Jobs You do Online

One thing that you will need is a way of taking and accepting payment, and that usually means having a PayPal account or a bank account. If you have both that’s even better.

It just makes it easy for whatever website you sign up with to actually pay you the money that you earn.

Other Marketplaces Where You Can Freelance is another website where you might be able to sell your services, but I would really go for Upwork if you’re going to do that because Fiverr is a low price marketplace with tasks (known as gigs) starting from $5. Fiverr naturally take a cut of your earnings, so if you’re earning $5 and you have to pay tax on that…

Make Money Online as an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is nothing new of course, but if you have an existing blog or a social following and you can match a product with that audience – something that they can genuinely benefit from – this can be a very easy way to make money. You can sign up to a website like and find thousands of digital products to refer visitors to as an affiliate and earn commission from on each sale.

The video goes more in depth about this and also highlights what not to do when it comes to advertising affiliate products, so make sure you watch it before you do anything!

Marketplaces Where You Can Sell Stuff That You Make

Another way to earn online is by selling stuff you make. If you make something craft related, the perfect marketplace for you may be

Ebay may also be worth a try, but Etsy leans more on the side of creators and alternative products.

I hope these different ways to create an income working online from the comfort of your home spurs you on to try and find the right one for you.


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