40,275 FREE Stock Icons for Websites & Blogs

Hey, it’s Hoz here and today I want to share with you one of my go-to sources to get free stock icons for websites.

These are free icons that you can use on your website and there are 40,275 of them! All free!

The website is maxbuttons.com

This is what the home page looks like:
free icons website

If you land on the home page, you’ll need to scroll down to the footer and click the Free Icons footer link.

The homepage seems to be mostly about WordPress button generators so I’ve never paid it much attention, as my theme already has button functionality built-in.

How to Get Your Free Stock Icons for Websites

Once you’re on the icons page, you can scroll down and see the different icons sets and pick the one you want to use.

You can use these icons for your WordPress blog, any websites and anything else you want, from apps to reports.

Now, one of the cool thing about this page is that you get to download the icons in different formats, such as:

  • SVG icons
  • PSD icons
  • AI icons
  • PNG icons

So you should be able to work with the format of your choice in your graphics editor.

Now, as I said, there are over 40,000 free icons so there are forty thousand so the landing page is naturally pretty long! I haven’t looked at every icon set, but the ones that I have downloaded over time have always come in different formats.

In the video, I download an icon and upload it to my WordPress blog to demonstrate how easy this process is.

One of the things I discovered in the video as you’ll see, is that some icon sets are provided as a whole image. If that’s the case for the icon set you choose, then you’ll simply need to open up the icons image in your graphics editor and cut out the icon or icons you want. Simple!

It’s just an extra step, but since you need to open up the icon in your editor anyway to resize it, it’s really not a thing.

Now, here are some things to note when you’re looking for free icons to use:

  • sometimes, when you click on an icon set, you’re redirected to a page showcasing some paid graphics while your icon set is downloading. This is obviously a fair trade in exchange for your free icons, and you obviously don’t need to buy anything you don’t want.
  • there is a lack of consistency when clicking icons sets.
    • sometimes you’re redirected to a showcase page, other times you’re not.
    • sometimes your icons sets download in multiple formats and the icon images are provided individually (especially with png’s) and sometimes you download whole images containing all the icons on a single image.

I think the obvious reason for this is that there must be many different designers providing all these icons, and each one works to a different standard. But hey, it’s not a thing. We’re still getting thousands of free stock icons for websites!

If you strike it lucky, you’ll download a free icon set that comes in a zip with multiple folders, each one for a different image format. That’s a neat and organised designer 🙂 heh.

Once you Get Your Free Icon Sets, Resize Before Using on Your Website or Blog

You’ll notice that when you download an icon set, you’re getting high res icons: they are 1024×1024. In other words, they’re massive images. So you do need to resize them before you upload them to your WordPress site (or any other type of website). Otherwise, you’ll be adding a bandwidth hog and your page speed will suffer.

Hey, here’s my free guide if you’re interested in making your WordPress site faster

Once you resize your icons to the size you require, you’re good to go! You can upload them to your site or use them anywhere else!

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