Best Way to Get Backlinks for a Brand New Site (2018)

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Hey. Hoz here, and today’s Ask Hoz question is: what’s the best way to get backlinks to a brand new website?

I recently wrote about how to create backlinks safely as this is a pretty important question that comes up time and again, but it’s also a time-sensitive question.

The game has changed, so the way you get backlinks today is quite different to what it was just a few years ago.Click To Tweet

The method hasn’t changed. What has changed, on the other hand, is Google. It’s Google’s playground that we want to rank in, so we have to play by their rules. Heh.

How We Used to Get Backlinks in Pre Panda and Penguin

Back in the day, when you had a new website you would come up with a link building plan to quickly acquire backlinks (how I miss those days…).

There was a ton of software that would build links automatically for you, as well as plenty of services offering link strategies.

You could get buy a million links and mix in .edu and .gov links, get dofollow links from local business directories, run them all through an indexer to get them in the index quickly and start ranking for tier 1 keywords and usurp your competitors before they could say WTF.

Then search engines got better at detecting link networks and schemes.

Search engines got really good at filtering, to the point where they can now slap you if your anchor text looks silly.Click To Tweet
Today, the old way of the SEO is now termed blackhat. Because search engines changed the game.Click To Tweet

Do Not Get Backlinks Like This…

Unless you know what you’re doing, then avoid the following:

  • any service that offers a large quantity of too good to be true backlinks
  • any backlink generator software too or app
  • any link exchange
  • getting links via fake forum profile creation
  • any bot generated or scrapped links
  • getting links from posting comments on high PR blogs
  • any pyramid schemes
  • stay away from GSA if you don’t understand it (seriously)
  • don’t use magic WordPress plugins that promise to do your SEO for you

You’ll find all of those in Fiverr by the way (just don’t do it).

So How do You Go About Getting Safe Links to Your New WebSite?

Whether you wish to increase the domain authority of a new website or an old website (or a blog, or a store or any type web page), building links for one is no different to building links for the other.

Here are the safest methods of link acquisition right now

  • content marketing (publish great content that other people want to naturally link to)
  • use inbound links from within (inner links inside your content that can pass link juice to other inner pages)
  • blogger outreach (start asking bloggers with higher authority domains if you can post a guest post on their blog)
  • Social Media (use Social Media to promote your content)

If you want to get snazzy with this, then do the following:

  • promote your content with videos on YouTube
  • create infographics and allow people to share them whilst attributing back to you (i.e. your website)

Those 2 methods are harder for most but bring bigger rewards, usually. The good news is that you can hire somebody to create a video for you. Same goes for the infographic.

And yes, the above is not a definitive list by any means. What you should be getting from this article so far is that the game has changed totally. It’s no longer about finding some kind of untapped marketplace where you can purchase a magical package of links from PR 9 domains that will cause your homepage to float to the top of Google.

Run away from any such package (especially if they promise a ton of links from Wikipedia…). At best, you’ll be buying a robot service bolted on to a submitter app.

When it comes to links, stick to best practices because unless you know how the cogs turn you'll burn your site down fast.Click To Tweet

As I said in the beginning, the actual process of building links is not the ‘thing’ that’s changed. We’re now up against smart engines.

The requirements for ranking that we know about haven’t changed either:

  • increase the number of referring domains linking back to you
  • increase the quality of links (not necessarily the quantity)
  • don’t go crazy with your anchor text

If you want the easier and cheaper (free) way:

  • use Facebook and YouTube
  • use Webmaster tools (now called Search Console) to make sure your impressions are growing
  • submit your sitemap to Search Console and make sure your pages are getting indexed
  • keep an eye on your analytics and views
  • monitor broken links and deploy 301 redirects when needed and remove any bad links
  • ping your URL using ping services when you post new content
  • create good – very good – content
  • start a guest posting campaign on as many blogs as you can

That is your baseline must-do list. Other things you can do will come at a cost, generally, including securing a worthwhile link every now and then.

This is what it takes to stay on the good side of Google and other similarish search engines today.


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