Find Great Google Images Without Copyright Issues [Video]

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Hey, it’s Hoz here with a quick walkthrough on how to find Google images without copyright issue. If you’re a blogger, a website owner or a designer, this is going to be a gold nugget for you!

So let’s get started!

What Google Images Can I Use?

This is where the copyright dilemma arises. I discussed in a previous Ask Hoz episode about whether Google images are copyrighted that the images on the search results are owned by their respective owners, not the big G.

And that is a problem because if you’re a bike mechanic and you publish photos of the bikes you’ve worked on to build a portfolio on your blog, the last thing you want is for a rival bike mechanic to swipe those photos and use them on his portfolio.

You didn’t publish those photos in Google, you published them on your website – and Google is simply doing its job: it’s indexing content and displaying it in the search results.

Are All Images Protected by Copyright?

No, not all of them. Many people publish photos on the public domain and make them available for sharing and for use by others.

As you’d expect, Google also indexes these images, which means that they also appear in the search results.

Which leads us to the next question:

If Some Google Images are Free to Use How do I Find Them?

Now we’re getting warm!

The issue is that in the search results we have a mix of images, some that are protected by copyright and others that are free to use.

Luckily, Google provides a way to filter out the protected images, in the Advanced Search filter.

How to Use Google Images Advanced Search For Free Google Images Without Copyright Issues

In the video, I show you how to search google images without copyright using the advanced search filter.

Using this filter, you can find images with various types of license, such as:

  • free to use
  • free to use personally and commercially
  • free to use, share and modify
  • free to use, share and modify even commercially

These are great options to have. You literally have a million images at your fingertips. Ok, I haven’t counted them, so don’t hold me to that, but this is a full library of images, and it’s incredible that so many of them are free to use with no strings attached!

Let’s be grateful for hos kind some folk are to actually give away their content like this! It’s through this act of kindness that we’re able to use Google images without copyright issues.

This was a Hoz tutorial showing how to find Google images without copyright issues featured on the Youtube Channel. Make sure you CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE to catch all the video updates!

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