How to Test Your Site With The GTmetrix Speed Test [Video]

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Hi, Hoz here. Today’s Ask Hoz question is another website speed checker tool that I highly recommend: how do I test a site with the GTmetrix speed test tool? The video below is my complete answer, but let me expand on that here, whilst I have your attention.

As always, the Ask Hoz video below contains an over-my-shoulder walkthrough of the tool – a basic GTmetrix review to quickly get you up to speed using this tool to test your page speed and mobile optimisation.

Best of all, you can use the tool for free (yay!). But first, let me give you a quick primer on the basic things to know about this awesome tool.

How Does The GTmetrix Speed Test Tool Work?

GTmetrix is like the Google Pagespeed tool in that it tests your pagespeed and gives you a set of diagnostics that you can then use as your benchmark.

Using this tool you can spot common page load issues such as:

  • lack of browser caching implementation
  • no expiration headers set
  • minify HTML, CSS and js issues
  • browser cache leverage
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If you use WordPress, you may want to take a look at how to optimise WordPress for speed as this goes into greater detail about those issues and covers what plugins you can use to add to some of the following things:

  • set expires headers
  • defer parsing of javascript
  • minify javascript and CSS
  • using a CDN and more good stuff

The right combination of the above can help set up your website to make fewer HTTP requests, which in turn will improve the page download speed (and the GTMetrix grades, if you like).

There’s also a waterfall analysis so you can identify plugins that may be an issue when it comes to page speed, so you don’t just get the fully loaded time of the page but every event that takes place during that load. The waterfall is also handy for spotting image dimensions that could be an issue.

Tip: make sure you have gzip set. This alone will make a significant improvement to your page speed if you haven’t set it up.

Is There a GTmetrix Mobile Test?

Yes. GTmetrix shows you a page speed and Yslow score for both your desktop and your mobile site experience.

Is There a Chrome Extension of the GTmetrix Speed Test Tool?

And is There a FireFox Extension?

In the video below you’ll see me use the tool to my test website and see how optimised my site is.

Here you go:

How to Use The GTmetrix Speed Test Tool To Check How Fast Your Page Loads – Video Demo

I hope this quick tutorial helps you understand how to use this tool to test your website. Now go check!


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