Are Guest Blogging Sites Good for SEO? (The Truth)

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Blogger outreach is touted by many as the best way to link build your way to the top of the SERPs, but are all guest blogging sites beneficial in terms of SEO?

Let me start by saying that guest blogging is not in and of itself a magic lever when it comes to ranking.

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When is Guest Blogging Good for SEO?

Having a link to your blog from another blog is the basis of guest blogging. However, any SEO benefit of that link is realised only if certain conditions are met because the reality is that not all blogs are the same.

If you guest blog in a blog that has a high spam score then that’s going to hurt your website.

What to Look for From Guest Blogging Sites

First of all, look for domains that have a higher domain authority than your own. If you’re guest blogging purely to get some SEO benefit then it’s pretty much pointless using blogs that have less domain authority than yours.

Yes, you could still benefit a little bit, at least from link diversity and a different referring domain, but it’s going to take the same amount of time to produce good quality content to go place on that blog than it would a blog with higher authority, so you may as well go for the latter.

Keep in mind that I’m deliberately ignoring other benefits such as exposure to new potential readers because those are not directly related to SEO as is a backlink.

The next thing to do is run the website that you want to guest blog in by Open Site Explorer and just check what the spam score actually is. You don’t want to start building links back to your blog from a spammy website.

In some cases, the website doesn’t have to be spammy in order to have a spam score. It just has to raise certain flags for that score to be impacted. So it’s crucial that you check with a tool rather than just by looking at the site and deciding whether it looks spammy or not.

Last but not least is relevance: make sure that the guest blogging sites you’re considering are actually relevant to your own blog or at least the category where you’re going to be guest blogging is relevant to your own blog.

Topic relevance is a biggie. Some might argue that relevance is not always necessary but if you’re doing this for SEO purposes, then relevance has to be a key element.

What About Guest Blogging Gigs in Marketplaces?

There are a lot of marketplaces online (I won’t mention any names) that sell guest blogging gigs. The problem with those is that you can’t see what blogs are actually involved.

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Ask yourself how good do you think those blogs are going to be if that gig is just a few dollars?

But if you’re still going to go down the cheap route then I recommend that you do the following:

  • test the gig with a website that you don’t care about
  • wait for the report at the end of the gig to get the URLs of the guest blogging sites
  • run the URLs by Open Site Explorer to check their metrics

You’ll probably find in most cases that the DA is quite low and in some cases the spam score is quite high.

Google Official View on Guest Blogging for SEO

Things to be aware of if you’re considering guest blogging


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