How Can I Make Money Online in 2 Weeks? Ask Hoz

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Hey, it’s Hoz with a new ask Hoz session and in today’s session, I’m going to be answering the humbling question: how can I make money online in two weeks?

The original question was a bit longer than this, it was more along the lies of I have two weeks in which to make money what can I do online to generate cash fast.

Now, this is a tough one so I’m going to be very realistic here: if you have two weeks in which to make money that’s an incredibly tight deadline.

But let’s talk about some things you can do to try to alleviate this situation.

Since you’re asking specifically about making money online, here’s what I would if I was in this situation now.

Some Ways to Generate Income Fast if You’re in a Pickle


  1. use a drop shipping model to set up an online store in 1 day (I will reveal the method in a moment and you’ll find more info in the resources at the bottom of this page).
  2. deploy other methods to generate income once the first point is up and running

So let me dive into this right here:

The guide will show you the way I recommend you set up your dropship biz – hassle-free, without having to contact manufacturers or speak to anybody, in as quick as a single day.

Essentially, here’s what you’ll learn:

My guide shows you step by step what to do.

Now, here’s how this works:

  1. you’ll get a two-week trial with Shopify when you sign up, so that’s actually going cover you for these two weeks that you need to make money online.
  2. when you sign up for the app, you’ll be able to install it inside your Shopify store and start searching for products to dropship right away.

Using that app, you can literally populate your store with hundreds of products in less than an hour. The guide will show you exactly how.

Now, you’re going to need to stay really really focused because if you only have two weeks. You’ve got to be incredibly well organized with your time and with your mind. You’ve got to stay focused and think about nothing else other than this. You set up you sign up

Now, let’s move on to the next step…

Once you’ve set up your store, you’ll need a domain name to go live. You’ll still be covered by the 2 week trial, but you need to be live in order to take payments via your store.

You can get a domain name from here.

Next, it’s time to promote your products…

I’m going to assume that you have a Facebook and a Twitter page, at the very least. If not, you’ll need to create those (it’s free).

Once your store is live, sign up for a free account at the social media tool and start promoting your products in social media. This tool enables you to schedule your content. Just create your posts and set the time and date you want the tool to push that content to your social media pages.

What I suggest is that you set aside half a day and create all your content, then schedule it all to be published throughout the entire 2 weeks. I suggest having at least 10 to 15 posts per social media page.

Now for the next step…

At this point, you have:

  • an online store (free 2 week trial)
  • a load of products you can sell (via the free app you set up in your store)
  • a load of content to promote your products
  • a tool to automate the publishing of your content (free)

Technically, you now have a ‘hands-off machine’, so to speak. This frees up 13 days.

Here’s what I suggest you do for the remainder of those days: start offering your services to friends and family. I’m talking about doing real things, like:

  • mowing the lawn
  • painting walls
  • moving rubbish from gardens
  • washing cars
  • whatever else you can come up with

The key here is to get cash flow. Now, I know that you said specifically how can I make money online but your two-week machine is all set up. You do not need to spend time logging in and staring at your dashboard because that’s going to consume your time and eat you out of days, and you’re not going to be achieving anything.

This is why after you get set up, you need to focus on generating cash flow short-term during the rest of those days – you should have 13 days to do so if you follow my step by step setup.

Then it’s time to aim bigger…

If you’re lucky enough to start getting some cash flow in with the easy jobs, then the next thing is to start offering a service to set up a drop shipping business.

What you will set up for yourself on day one is a skill in and of itself. Most people cannot or do not know how to set up a drop shipping business so start offering that as a service.

Start with friends and family. Be transparent and tell them that you just set up a drop shipping store for yourself and you’re thinking of doing this as a business, and do a deal with them. Offer them a great discount just to build your portfolio. It’s a win-win.

Remember to show them your own store as ‘proof’ of course, and show off your great products (you may even get a sale there and then). You want them to see what they could have if they take you up on your service.

Once you have a couple of stores underway, talk to small local businesses and ask friends and family if they know somebody who may be interested in your service as well.

Is it Possible to Make Money Online in 2 Weeks With No Experience?

Now, here’s the reality slap: the likelihood of you actually making money just in two weeks, starting from scratch, with zero experience and without using paid advertising is very slow.

Chances are you will fail, but you should know this already. The odds are stacked against you. You stand a better chance of making money by clearing rubbish from people’s gardens – but if that brings in cash flow, then all is well.

But here’s the thing: it doesn’t really matter if you fail. Be prepared to fail but try to beat that expectation and work every day to beat that expectation.

The important thing is that you’re about to learn how to set up a drop shipping store. Use my guide as a  blueprint and sell store setups as a service. You’re gaining a real skill, something that you can use on and on.


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