How to Keep a Blog Running in 2020 (The 3 Secrets)

how to keep your blog going imageIf you’re wondering how to keep a blog running then you’ve probably already taken the first step, which is to get your blog started.

Keeping your blogging momentum going can be hard going (it was for me too, until I solved it).

It boils down to this…

Having the right elements in place can make running your blog easy. But missing a few of these pieces can make it very hard to stay motivated to keep on blogging.

In this post, I’m going to give you my best 3 tips to make this happen.

Let’s dive in.

How to Keep a Blog Going Long Term and Keep Blogging Without Hitting Blogger Burnout

The single most important aspect of blogging is being able to maintain a blog, to keep it going.

  • It’s not about consistency. Consistency requires motivation.
  • It’s not about motivation. Motivation requires a reason.
Consistency and motivation are important when it comes to blogging, but without a reason and a direction, those things don't work well.Click To Tweet

Let’s do a quick thought experiment.

Imagine yourself wondering how to keep a blog running when you have nothing to blog about? You can quickly see the problem.

Your answer would probably something along the lines of well, if you have no idea what you’re going to be blogging about, then you’re going to find it very hard to keep a blog going.

Motivation is great, but if you don’t have a plan of what you’re going to be creating, then that motivation has nothing to drive. You’re going to be like a puppy full of energy but without a specific task to channel all that juice into.

Likewise, having a reason is great. But we all do things for a reason. Every blogger has a reason for blogging, whether it’s vanity, recognition or a different cause.

My point is that a reason (a ‘why’) in and of itself is only part of the process.

Having a reason and motivation do play an important part when it comes to how to keep a blog running, of course, but those two energies need something to propel, to push forward.

And that something is a plan.

Keeping your blog running is all about having the right things in place.Click To Tweet

How to Keep a Blog Running Successfully

I’ve boiled this process into 3 key elements.

Secret 1: Generate Ideas for Blog Content

The first key thing you need to keep your blog running smoothly is to have content. Set some time aside regularly to organise your ideas into a list of blog topics that you can create later.

2 ways to generate content ideas

  1. do keyword research to find topics you can blog about.
  2. look around in social media and forums that cater to your blog topics and study the conversations that are taking place. These can be a great source of ideas for blog topics.

You don’t have to generate a year’s worth of content ideas, but do try to generate enough content ideas to last you a week, and then commit to do this regularly, each time adding a few more extra ideas until you start to build a list that can keep you blogging for at least a month.

Secret 2: Plan Your Content Publishing Schedule

Next, organise your list of ideas by priority. You know what’s important to you and your blog, so you alone should decide on how to prioritise your content.

If traffic to your blog is a priority for you, then one way to organise your content ideas is by search volume, which you can get from a keyword research tool.

The important thing is to build a schedule of posts. Aim to plan a publishing schedule for the month ahead. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Use Excel, Google Spreadsheets or any software that you’re comfortable with.

Secret 3: Stick to Your Publishing Schedule and Keep on Blogging

The final key to keeping a blog running smoothly is to stick to your publishing schedule.

But here’s one important thing: don’t sweat it if you miss a day here and there. Seriously. Relax.

If you do miss a day, then your entire content can be moved back a day. It’s that simple. The important thing is to have a schedule because that gives you direction.

Here’s a video to summarise everything:

3 Tips to Keep You Blogging and Motivated


Having content for the weeks or months ahead and having a plan for publishing that content is the real secret to being able to maintain a blog.

Motivation plays an important role, of course, but motivation needs something to push.

Your content together with your schedule is the very thing that motivation needs. This is where you channel all that motivation-driven energy.

The why (the reason behind you blogging in the first place) is what feeds the motivation to blog, and the plan is what that motivation helps you to push forward.

Check out the resources below to help you with your blogging success.


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