Blog Infographic Download: How to Start in 5 Steps [2020]

Here’s a blog infographic for you. This is a guide titled How to start a Blog in 5 steps.

By the way, here’s the how to start a blog step by step blueprint that goes into each of the 5 steps in more depth.

Now, you’re welcome to use this blog infographic on your own website to help out your own followers and, of course, anyone who wants to get started with as a blogger.

And if that’s you by the way then this guide is for you.

What The Blog Infographic Covers

How to start blogging is a question that I see online over and over again, so it looks to be one of those things that you can research but then end up even more confused than when you started out.

And that’s the basic idea behind this guide: I wanted to distil the process into five steps.

Step 1: Choose a Niche

This step is the starting point. You need to choose what you’re going to be blogging about.

Step 2: Choose Hosting for your Blog

You need good hosting, period. But you don’t have to start at the top, so it doesn’t have to be expensive.

For a site that gets less than 10,000 visits per month, I recommend these guys

Step 3: Choose a Solid Theme

This is another important step, of course. Unless you can code and modify, I recommend not using a free theme. Go premium and check out the developing company as well as reviews.

In case you’re wondering, I use a theme called Elementor.

Step 4: Publish Good Content

Naturally, as a blogger, you will need to publish content and for people to love your content, it needs to be of good quality.

Step 5: Promote Your Content

This is the final step: be everywhere. Promote your content on Social Media and everywhere else you can think of.

These 5 steps will in hindsight seem pretty obvious, but to somebody who’s really hoping to get started blogging, these steps can simplify the journey and remove all the noise.

If that’s where you’re at right now, then once you get started and get momentum growing your blog and your audience, you’ll start to go deeper into each step, focusing on things like:

  • better hosting
  • better design
  • better plugins
  • better security
  • better promotion strategies
  • SEO and content marketing
  • etc

But all that’s for later. For a beginner blogger, these 5 steps is where it all starts, and these are the only 5 steps that you need.

If you haven’t yet set up your blog and you want to go down the free route, then you can check out my video tutorial on how to get a free blog.

Here are the steps, all together…

[table id=8 /]

And now, let’s take a look at the guide shall we?

Infographic for Bloggers Starting Out- 5 Steps to Getting Started

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