What I'm up to right now...

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What I got up to from 2007 to 2017...

For myself...

I launched a cosmetics brand
I launched 2 accessories brands
I started selling on Amazon
I wrote Untouchable: How to Blow Your Competition Out of the Water

For clients...

I helped business owners in 21 countries
I launched over 250 online stores across 5 continents
I built and ranked websites with SEO, video and social media
I helped business owners brand, launch and promote their businesses

What I got up to from 1997 to 2007...

Learnt to program and worked as an IT guy and in-house programmer
Started building and ranking websites in Alta Vista (before Google existed)
Wrote and sold a series of ebooks online
Co-founded a web company.
Left the company to do my own thing

What happened to me in 2017...

Over the years I’ve become a Jack of All Trades (check further down this timeline to see what I mean).

I remember the days when being a Jack of all Trades was a curse. But technology has changed this profoundly (who’s laughing now, uh!).

Today, especially if you are an entrepreneur starting out, you need to be a Jack of All Trades in order to self-start. One skill is no longer enough.

On January 2017 I wasn’t happy. Far from it. I was using less than 10% of my skillset to serve business owners only.

I decided to take time out and think. Shortly after, the 2007-2017 era came to an abrupt end. It was time to quit. I wrote Untouchable (my book) in order to brain-dump the past decade and clear my mind for the journey ahead.

I realised that I could be far more useful helping a lot of people who want to know what I know, rather than a select few that generally don’t care what I know.

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