Compress jpeg + png Images (FREE Image Optimization Tool)

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Part of running a well-optimised website or blog means having a way to compress jpeg images. The good news is that there are many image compression tools online and for desktops. The not so good news is that most of them are paid tools.

Here’s the thing…

I’ve tried many, both paid and free. In fact, I have several desktop photo compressor apps that I’ve used over the years.

They’re all good, but…

I find it more convenient to use an online image compressor when I’m working with single images.

I can compress png images for web use, jpegs and gifs very quickly online with a simple drag and drop tool.

Let me share what I’m using…

The FREE Online Image Compressor / Optimisation Tool I Use to Compress jpegs png and gif Photos

Whether you want to compress jpeg images or compress png for web use, this tool does it all.

It is a paid tool, but they offer a limited free use for single images.

I normally reduce the image file size in my photo editor and then use this online image compressor to optimise the image that extra bit more.

The tool always manages to shave off a good few extra points, all of which help you keep a fast running website.

Let me show you how I use it:

How to Compress jpeg Images Online for Free (Video)

As you can see, the tool is very cool and easy to use.

Let me throw in some commonly asked questions just in case you have any of those in mind:

Can you compress png images with this tool?

Yes. You can compress jpeg and png and gif formats with the free version of the tool.

Is it Different to Compress jpeg and jpg Images?

No. Some programs may save your images as jpeg or jpg but both variations are treated the same way by the online tool.

Is this a Photo Compressor to Reduce Image File Size or Just an Image Shrink App?

Both. An image is the same as a photo. The only thing you need to do is have the right format, which is:

  • jpeg
  • jpg
  • png
  • gif

If your photo is in any of those formats, you’re good to go.


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