How to Import Sample Data Into WordPress [Video]

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Importing Demo Data Into WordPress

Hey, it’s Hoz with a brand new WordPress tips and tricks episode. Today, I’m going to import sample data into WordPress, and this is going to be interesting because I’ve never actually done this before.

You see, up until now, I’ve always created pages with demo data whenever I needed to showcase a site. I often use lorem ipsum for this, or I just create the sample data myself, which can get tedious when you’re working on a site with many pages.

There’s a feeling that comes over you when you’re spending time and fussing over sample content on a page that you know is not going to be used – ever. It really slams on the breaks on your productivity.

That’s what I was feeling when suddenly I remembered that Automattic (the nice people who created WordPress) provide an XML file so that you can import sample data into WordPress with a few simple clicks.


I remember seen this file years ago, somewhere on the Interweb, and then promptly forgot all about it.

So here I was, about to create some sample page in my WordPress test site, when I remembered about the XML file, and so I immediately stopped typing crap and set about finding the fabled file:

How to Import Dummy Data into WordPress Using The Sample XML File

Now, there are 2 methods to do this:

  1. you can import the dummy data XML file manually into your WP site
  2. you can grab a plugin that imports the same file into your site

In this post, I’m going to cover method 2.

If you want to import the data into WordPress yourself, you can get the sample XML file here.

Ok, let’s get this done, shall we?

Let’s Import Sample Data Into WordPress With a Plugin

In the video, you’ll see me log into the Plugins area inside my WP Admin dashboard and type a search. The firstĀ plug-in that I came across is called WP Example Content, and that’s the one I used in the video demonstration.

This is what the plugin looks like:

a plugin to import sample data into WordPress

Now, I have to say at this point that I have no history on this plug-in I don’t know who the makers are I don’t know anything about the plugin itself, and that includes the good and the bad, whether there have been exploits before, whether there have been problems etc. So if you were to use this plugin, as always do your own background checks.

Note also that this plugin hasn’t been updated in a long time. That said, in terms of functionality, what this plugin does is not complex, so you wouldn’t expect the developer to keep updating it. Thus, I ignored that flag in this instance.

The way I go about using a plugin like this is as follows:

  • I install it
  • I import the data (providing that it works)
  • I then delete the plugin

Don’t leave the plugin active or even inactive, because you don’t need it on your site once you import sample data into WordPress. Simply delete it.

For an extra layer of safety, backup your entire website using this method.

As I said earlier, I haven’t used this plugin before – nor this method to import dummy data, so in the video, you’ll embark upon a journey of discovery with me (whoa! Did you see how cool did I make that sound?)

As it turns out, and as you’ll see in the video, the plugin uses the same sample XML file that I mentioned above in the manual method. I think I expected to see nicely fleshed out posts with great images and long-drawn paragraphs… but there you go.

The plugin does what it says on the label, as they say. If you need to populate your WP site with some dummy content then this – or any other similar plugin – can do the trick for you quickly and easily.


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