5 Killer Tips to Improve Your WordPress Website Speed

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Hey, it’s Hoz here with another Ask Hoz session, and in today’s session, I’m going to be answering the delightful question: what are the top five tips to improve your WordPress website speed?

This is always a great question. As a WordPress website owner, you always want to optimize your WordPress site to get the most out of your content in terms of ranking.

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So let’s dive into the content!

WP Site Performance Tips

These are my top 5 tips to speed up WordPress:

Tip 1: Get Good Hosting

Good hosting is the foundation of your WordPress website performance. To put it bluntly: if you’re on a crap hosting server then all of the things you do to improve the speed of your website is going to be hampered by your hosting.

Your hosting is your glass ceiling. Literally.

Spending a ton of time testing plugins to try to squeeze that extra ounce of speed out of your website is somewhat counter-productive when your website is hampered by your choice of host.

Here’s my recommended WordPress hosting if you’re in the UK or the US.

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Obviously, it stands to reason that the more you spend on hosting the better the hosting is going to be. If you invest in a dedicated server with a ton of RAM and a football pitch worth of resources, then obviously that’s going to be amazing hosting. But it’s going to cost an arm and a leg.

The hosting I recommend is not going to give you that kind of performance – although they will if you buy the right plan! – but it’s going to give you fantastic cloud hosting at a very affordable price.

So, decent hosting doesn’t have to be expensive and can significantly improve your WordPress website speed.

Tip 2: A Well Coded Theme Can Improve Your WordPress Website Speed.

Once your hosting in place, your theme is the next thing you’ll want to consider.

Note that at this point we haven’t even got into plugins! If anything, this highlights the bigger pieces of the puzzle.

Now, if you’re using a free WordPress theme, then chances are that it’s not going to be excellently coded because excellent coders seldom give those away for free.

I’m not saying they don’t – they obviously do – but generally great coders join or start companies and start to monetize the skill they have to pay the bills.

It stands to reason then, that if you invest a little bit of money on a professional premium
theme from a good solid reputable development company, then you’re going to have a good performing WP theme and – more importantly – it’s going to be supported.

I’ve had themes in the past that suddenly became incompatible with a WordPress core update and I had the lone wolf developer go AWOL on me or decide that he was no longer supporting the thing. So yeah, I’ve been screwed before and I’ve had to change themes from scratch.

These days, I use the Beaver Builder theme together with this addon, both of which come from brilliant companies who offer stellar support.

Update: I still use Beaver Builder on most of my sites, but I’ve switched my blog theme to Astra Pro. I’ve decided also to create a page where you can see what I currently use here.

So invest in a good WordPress theme that’s well coded and lightweight.

Tip 3: Choose The Right Plugins

Once the hosting and the theme are in place, you can start to consider plugins.

Ok, let me be blunt here and spoil the party: there are no magic plugins that are going to increase your site speed beyond your wildest dreams. My step by step WordPress performance guide discusses this in great detail, so make sure you go through that.

The fact is that optimizing a WordPress website for speed involves a series of separate things, rather than just one area, and because some of those things include hosting and your theme, a plugin cannot be the sole answer.

That said, when you have the first 2 pieces in place, you can use different plugins to take care of different areas and improve your site speed even more.

I like to use the Pingdom website speed tool to test my sites when I’m working to improve page load speed.

Here’s how that works:

Tip 4: Optimize Your Images

Your images play a major role in page load speed and overall website performance. So much so that optimising them is not a choice if you want a fast website. Rather, it’s something that you must do.

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Conversely, if you actually optimize your images size them correctly, the speed increase on your website can be striking. So image optimisation is a very worthwhile thing doing.

If you can afford it, invest in a CDN (a content delivery network). These work by hosting your images on very fast servers. When the images on your blog are not hosted on the same server as your website, they stop becoming a factor in bandwidth and page loading time.

Tip 5: Optimise Your Database

The last tip is perhaps the easiest one to implement: optimize your database and do a bit of housekeeping.

You can use a plugin like Optimize DB to optimise your database. Here’s a video this plugin to optimise your wp database.

Here’s how I do that:

The plugin will take care of other housekeeping tasks too – things like deleting post revisions and comment spam, all of which adds up to your database junk over time.

My top 5 WordPress Performance Tips

Tip 1Get good hosting
Tip 2Use a light, well-coded theme
Tip 3Use the right plugins
Tip 4Optimize your images
Tip 5Optimize your database


Those are my five top tips to improve your WordPress website speed. I strongly recommend that you read my step by step WP optimisation guide (you’ll find the link in the resources below the quick overview video):


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