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Hey. Hoz here with a new Ask Hoz session and in this session I’m answering the question who offers the best inexpensive WordPress hosting?

I’m going to give you some links to different great WordPress hosts – these are the WordPress hosts that I recommend – each has different pricing points, so I’m going to give you cheap or inexpensive WordPress hosts as well as middle-tier hosts, as well as slightly more expensive ones.

Okay so let’s dive into the question: who offers the best inexpensive WordPress hosting.

Ultimately, this depends on your budget. For the purpose of this question, I’m going to assume that you want great WordPress hosting as cheap as possible.

Put simply:

An Affordable Web Host for Your Blog

My recommendation would be Guru. This is a cloud host and with them, you can get a very affordable shared cloud hosting account.

Now, traditionally shared hosting on a shared server is a little bit slower because obviously shared means that you’re sharing the server’s resources with other websites.

With Guru’s cloud hosting however, it’s a lot faster than traditional shared hosting and you have the added bonus of 100% uptime, which is crucial for your website – especially if you run a blog.

So cheap hosting doesn’t always mean crap hosting with downtime, if you find the right host.

My second recommendation would be Siteground. They offer great hosting but if you’re looking for something cheap then avoid their cloud plans. Siteground’s shared hosting is probably about the best that I’ve experienced when it comes to traditional shared servers.

Those 2 web hosts are my recommended WordPress hosting for a number of reasons. This blog, in case you’re wondering, is hosted in Guru (at the time of this writing). For an up to date look, check out my stack.

Slightly Less Cheap WordPress Hosting Solutions

Now, if you can afford a little bit more then Bluehost would be your next stop. But let me state here that when it comes to the first two hosts, don’t confuse the word cheap with naff because they really do pack a lot into their plans and I absolutely love those two hosts.

If you have a bigger budget you don’t necessarily need to look further than the first 2 hosts, because you can simply upgrade your plan to have more RAM, more resources, more CPU.

But I’m giving you various low cost WordPress hosting options and throwing in the hosts that I trust.

So you have Bluehost and then you also have WPengine (WordPress engine). Those are more slightly expensive hosts but they’re great web hosts.

And lastly, if you’re hands-on and you don’t mind actually administering your own server and you have some knowledge of chmod and all those kind of things, then Digital Ocean may be a good solution for you. Their plans start around $5 per server but that’s basically a test plan. It’s a pay as you go model – you pay for the resources that you use.

You’re really looking at $10 to have your server up and running. The downside with this is if you start to get a lot of traffic (which is obviously not a downside) then you’re gonna be using more resources so your bill is going to increase.

Who Offers The Best Inexpensive WordPress Hosting Conclusion

In my opinion, like for like, Guru give me the best value for money. Their hosting is fantastic (I’ve never had a single issue in over a year). Additionally, my blog is hosted there (so I put my money where my mouth is). If you want the best inexpensive WordPress hosting, go with Guru.


  • Guru (my recommended: awesome shared cloud hosting)
  • Siteground (great for traditional shared hosting)
  • BlueHost (less cheap WordPress hosting but solid)
  • WPengine (not exactly low cost hosting but solid)
  • Digital Ocean (if you’re fine with chmod and ssh sessions)

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