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Hey, it’s Hoz with a new Ask Hoz session and in this session, I’m going to be answering a very entrepreneurial question about how to make money from blogging.

Well, the easiest way, really, is to add Adsense to your blog. Easiest because you just sign up for an Adsense account and then you grab a piece of code and you put it on your blog and boom you’re done.

However, you need traffic to your blog so, you either spend a lot of money on advertising to get traffic to your blog, which is going cost you money, or you spend a lot of time creating great content to build up traffic to your blog, which is going to cost you time.

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So the other bit that you need is not so easy.

Now, let me just add something here it’s important: if you’re blogging about something that you know well then, that should be enjoyable. What is hard however is creating content on a consistent basis and sticking to that schedule.

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Can a Blog Make You Financially Independent Once it Gets Traffic?

Having said this, you may already be at that point you may already have a blog that has a lot of traffic a lot of visits. When you get to this point you have a really good chance to monetize your blog in a number of ways.

If you were looking for the easiest way to make money from blogging at that stage, then Adsense is still the easiest way, as stated at the beginning of this article. But the thing is, with Adsense you need to test it because whether it works for you or not depends largely on:

  • the topic of your blog
  • the niche your blog is serving

I answered a similar question in a previous Ask Hoz session. The question was about using Adsense on a blog and the example that I used is as follows:

If you run something like a news blog – for example, celebrity news – then the type of reader that you’re going to get is going to be reading that blog post only once, because the blog content is tied to timely news events.

So, for example, this celebrity just got married to this other celebrity today, and that’s what the blog post covers. Everyone looking for that content online that lands on that blog posts consumes the content and moves on. They’re not going to be looking at this next week or the week after. They want to know what’s going on today.

In that type of blog, you could have Adsense do very well because you’re monetizing those people who are looking at the content only once. You’re monetizing them on the way out.

But if you have a technology blog and you have ads all over the place that can be quite annoying. And yes, there are loads of those around and they are quite annoying.

The bottom line is that earning money from your blog can be easy with the right method. The difficult bit is finding the right method.

The Best Way to Make Money From Blogging

Depending on the type of audience that you have, you could find products that may interest that audience, for example:

  • software
  • services

You could contact the companies who offer those products or services and ask them if they have a referral program, and if they do, if you can join then you can promote that product or service to your audience.

This method is tried and tested and can make money for you once you have a decent amount of traffic. One common way to reach your audience with your promotions is by email, hence the need to build a list of subscribers.

The hard part, of course, is to earn your subscribers trust and respect. For that, you have to serve them well and work damn hard at it.

On that note, the caveat with this method of blog monetisation, however, is that you should only promote quality products or services – preferably those that you yourself use and endorse. Take this seriously: your audience are your friends, so treat them accordingly. If you try to offload crap on them for your own gain, they’ll walk away – just like you would.

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In Summary

So, to summarize this answer, the easiest way to earn money from blogging is going to depend largely on:

  1. the type of audience that reads the blog
  2. what method of monetization that audience reacts best

Some of the most popular methods include:

  • Adsense ads
  • affiliate offers
  • sidebar promotions (usually affiliate offers)

Finally, to find what actually works on your blog with your audience, you need to test. It may take a while to discover the best method to make money from blogging, or you may strike it lucky quickly. That’s what testing is all about.

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