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Hey, Hoz here with a quick video to show you how to optimize your WordPress database using a plugin that I love and I’ve been using for years. It’s my go-to plugin when it comes to optimizing my WordPress database, and you’ll see why in a moment. and yeah let me show you how that works.

Let’s Optimize Your WordPress Database

In the video, you’ll see me log into my test wp website, where I do a search for a plugin named WP DB manager. Like many of my favourite plugins, this one has a very distinctive image for an icon (that’s always good).

In the video, you’ll see me install and activate the plugin and then walk you through the features.

One of those cool features is the fact that you can backup your database and have it emailed to you on a daily basis.

The plugin itself has various areas in its menu, where you can see various tabs. Explore each tab to familiarise yourself with this plugin because it’s worth your time doing so. You’ll be able to see a snapshot of your database and an easy to use settings panel where you can setup and schedule the automated backups as well as manage any existing backups.

Let me point out here that I use this plugin to optimise my wp database, but I use this to backup a WordPress site.

To be clear: this plugin backs up your database – not your entire site. But as I say, the key reason you should use it is to optimize your WordPress database.

But this tutorial is about optimizing your WordPress DB, so you’ll want to click on the Optimize DB tab. In this screen you’ll see that you can opt out of optimizing any table you select, should you want to do this.

I usually opt to optimize all the tables and then scroll down to the bottom where you’ll find an optimize button. Hit that and the plugin will get to work.

You can also repair the database or any tables you choose, should you need to (that’s really handy).

And that’s it! That’s how you can easily optimize your WordPress database with the right tool.

Optimizing your WordPress db is important. When it can be done with 1 click, it becomes a no-brainer and a must.Click To Tweetahve

I hope you find this useful and stick around for the next hack!

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