How to Use The Pingdom Speed Test Tool [Video]

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Hi, Hoz here. Today’s Ask Hoz question continues with this week’s trend, which all about page speed.

So let’s have it: how do I use the Pingdom speed test tool?

To start with, let me mention that Pingdom offers various tools, such as website uptime monitoring and more. I thought I’d mention that because there are alternative free uptime monitoring tools out there that you can use instead (not dissing Pingdom, just giving you the full picture of what’s out there).

But the tool we’re interested in today is the free speed test page tool, which you can access at

This Pingdom tool, like equivalent or alternative tools, performs a website check for a given URL from a number of locations that you can set, and reports on various things, such as:

  • page load time
  • javascript load time and issues
  • mobile response time
  • etc

From that first on-screen report, which is your benchmark, you can then work on speed bottlenecks to improve your page load speed.

There is an enterprise or premium account, but for the purposes of this answer, we can get what we need from the free tool that they very kindly provide.

Is There a Pingdom Speed Test for Mobile?

Yep. The tool scans your website and comes back with results for your desktop and mobile experience (i.e. page loading results).

Are There Free Alternatives?

Yes, there are some alternatives from competitors and even open source alternatives. Here are the other 2 that I use and recommend:

You can review each alternative to see how it works but you’ll probably notice that they’re all slightly different in the way they report.

Tip: I actually use all 3 tools and you should too, to get a good overall picture of your website optimisation in terms of speed.

Using more than 1 optimization tool to optimize a site is always a smart move. At least you get various perspectives.Click To Tweet

As always, I’ve included a sexy look-over-my-shoulder example video down below with a detailed answer and a real example testing my test WordPress website this fabulous tool.

Testing How Fast Your Website Pages Load With The Pingdom Speed Test Tool

As you can see in the above video, the tool is very easy and straightforward to use (and it looks great!).

I hope you found this quick tutorial on using the Pingdom speed test tool useful. Now go check your site!


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