Amazing Selling Machine Review by Hoz (2022)

by Hoz

In this post I’m going to answer all your questions about The Amazing Selling Machine course, also known as ASM.

In a nutshell:

The Amazing Selling Machine – aka ASM – is an online course that teaches you the steps to acquire physical products, brand them as your own, and sell them on Amazon. The training program is designed for people with no prior experience selling products, but caters also to sellers at every level.

In other words, it's an Amazon FBA course, but not quite like others... 

ASM is one of the most well known and popular Amazon FBA courses around. And with good reason. Do a search in Google for Which Amazon FBA course is the best? (or any variation of that search) and you'll always see The Amazing Selling Machine mentioned. 

ASM is one of the oldest FBA programs around, and, although age can be important, it doesn't always mean quality. But the fact that the course has been consistently updated with new releases once or twice a year ever since it was created, does make it one of the best trainings available to date.

The secret sauce comes down to mastery. ASM was created by successful marketers with years of experience who have figured out how to win on Amazon, raking in thousands of dollars per month with their own physical products businesses.

And that's precisely what they teach you how to do. 

If you’re curious as to who owns the program, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback are the founders of The Amazing Selling Machine.

Now, I have to say that having the word 'Amazing' as part of your offering is bound to attract some scepticism. So let's deal with that next.

Is The Amazing Selling Machine legit?

Yes. ASM is a real training program. It has been running since 2012. Amazing LLC hosts a yearly live event for its students. Live attendance to the event is not included as part of the training, but is an optional purchase.

Moreover, various high profile entrepreneurs have spoken at ASM’s events, including Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki to name but a few.

There are also various media mentions, including Forbes and

How does Amazing Selling Machine work? 

The program, known as ASM for short, is delivered via video modules. Once you purchase the course, you can access the training materials via the ASM dashboard with your own private login. You also get access to a private resource vault, advanced marketing tactics and  traffic tools, among other things,

The video course teaches you step by step how to set up a physical products business - also known as private label. The training takes you from sourcing the product to branding it and selling it on Amazon.

As part of the package, you also get group coaching calls in which you can participate and ask questions. These coaching sessions are designed to do just that: to give new ASM members the chance to ask questions in a live environment about any part of the ASM process - or anything related to selling on Amazon. 

Included in the course is access to a members area where you can ask questions and discuss topics with other students. The members area is administered by Amazing Selling Machine mentors, who are successful FBA sellers themselves and whose job it is to help you out with your questions.

Choosing a viable product is a key part of the training, and the program recommends a specific criteria to follow in order to increase your product’s success potential.

The product criteria they advocate includes the ideal weight range and dimensions. The logic behind this criteria is that, when you sign up for FBA, Amazon takes care of packaging and shipping of the product for you. Not surprisingly, you pay a fee for this service, and so the weight and dimensions of your product affect the size of the box required. And the bottom line is: the bigger the product, the bigger the cost to ship it.

If you’ve ever booked a parcel courier online like UPS or DHL, you’ll know that you have to enter the box weight and dimensions before you can get a price for the delivery.

Well, FBA works in exactly the same way. And this is why ASM advice you to stick to a given criteria, at least to start with. They do however cite examples where going for a bigger, heavier product (known as an oversized product) can benefit you because, generally, there is less competition.

You can, if you want to, sell on Amazon but fulfil the shipping of your products yourself, so you don’t need to sign up to FBA in order to sell on Amazon. That said, ASM recommends that you sell via FBA for a few reasons.

One reason that I, as an Amazon seller, can certainly attest to, is that using FBA frees up a lot of your time. No running around in search of boxes and tape and rushing off to the post office the moment you get a sale notification from Amazon. Let them take care of it for you (it's well worth the fee, in my opinion).

Another good reason I can also nod my head to is that you don’t need to store boxes of products all over your home when you use FBA.

Ok, let's talk numbers...

How much does the Amazing Selling Machine course cost? 

ASM 11 cost $4,997. ASM 12 is the newest version at this time of this writing.

They now have resources you can access all year round here.

Is Amazing Selling Machine worth the money? 

In terms of value (and in my honest opinion) yes. However, there is a 30 day money back guarantee for those who think otherwise.

The course is pricey compared to other FBA courses, but the training itself is delivered by very successful FBA sellers. Additionally, Amazing LLC provide 24x7 support via their members area and their team of ASM mentors. For Amazing Llc, the cost of running the platform and staff is significant. Thus, in my opinion, the price of the training reflects the value provided.

But, does Amazing Selling Machine really work?

The training program does what it is meant to do: it shows you the steps, from sourcing a product to branding it and listing it in Amazon. Succeeding as a seller online is beyond the scope of any program. Success itself has to be earned, and that involves putting the knowledge into action and testing to see if your chosen product is a big hit.

There are no guarantees that any business – or anything, for that matter – is going to work.

During their 10th anniversary launch, Amazing estimated that their students had - so far - collectively generated a total of $8.6 billion in sales revenue.

Just to be clear, these are self-reported figures from ASM members and, naturally, member's results may. As with any other training program, not everyone succeeds.

Other than mentioning the above, I'm not going to show stats about successful students because the success rate of any program is difficult to verify. That said, there are plenty of success stories online for almost any training course you can find, as well as negative reviews for the very same courses. So, it's clear that different people have a different experience.

Put simply: a bunch of students learning the same materials will experience different results. Some will find success and others won’t. So, clearly, having a blueprint for success is not quite enough of a guarantee to achieve greatness. Once must actually do the work.

What's included in The Amazing Selling Machine training?

ASM 12 is about to launch, so I don't yet know exactly what will be included, but I can tell you that the launch to Amazing Selling Machine 12 will be spectacular, with some killer live training that you simply cannot afford to miss.

To give you an idea of how ASM is generally structured, let's look at a previous version:

ASM 11 was composed of an 8 module web class containing the following modules:

Each module is a deep dive into every key aspect you need to know about.

You also get access to online group coach calls, the mentor program and the private vault, where you can find a load of previous recordings that are still relevant and that you can benefit from.

Ok, now that we have a good idea of what the training comprises, let's dig deeper for those final, all important answers...

What year did Amazing Selling Machine start? 

The program started in 2012 and has since been updated continually and released as a newer version. The current version is ASM 12.

Let's talk about the current version:

Amazing Selling Machine 12

ASM 12 launches in June 2020 and is the latest iteration of this popular FBA training course. I doubt there are many training courses with so much history behind them and with an increasing rate of success.

Amazing like to put on a great pre launch campaign (again, hands down the best in this niche) and the ASM 12 pre launch is no different: there will be a live training packed with actionable information and jaw-dropping facts.

As always, the free live training in the pre launch is worth more than most FBA courses.

For many, the free training will be a lifeline, or a ray of hope, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fact is that, whether we like it or not, our best protection in these uncertain times is independence from an employer and the ability to generate income online via our own businesses. And that's exactly what ASM 12 is all about. Amazing created the ASM training program to liberate people by giving them to the tools to shape their own destinies.

Are there trusty Amazing Selling Machine testimonials? 

There are plenty of testimonials, including endorsements from high profile entrepreneurs. 

Here are some people who have endorsed ASM:

Is there some Amazing selling machine free training?

Every ASM launch so far has included some free training. This is typically delivered as a short video course prior to the program becoming available online.

Some examples of the type of free training ASM has provided in previous launches include:

The product criteria ranges are also usually mentioned in the free training.

The free training are always packed with good, actionable information which is enough for some people to take the plunge and start selling without actually buying the program.

I myself watched the ASM 4 training series and learned how to source a product, how to brand it, and how to go about listing it in Amazon. I sourced my first product from China and became an Amazon seller on the back of what I learned in that free training.

I did however purchase ASM 5 the following year when it became available, in order to learn the process from the pros. There’s only so far one can go without learning the ropes.

Now, unlike with some courses, there is no Amazing Selling Machine book. ASM is a video course.

There is usually an Amazing Selling Machine webinar or two during the closing stages of a launch. Much like the free training, these webinars are free to attend and usually contain valuable information as well as inspiration. Obviously, the webinars are designed to help those sitting on the fence make a buying decision, but there's much to be learned just from watching.

In my case, watching the free training for the first time enabled me to see what was possible in Amazon’s marketplace.

So, where do you buy Amazing Selling Machine?

You can buy ASM from the Amazing website, but only when it’s ‘open’.

So when does Amazing Selling Machine open?

ASM opens up once or twice a year, usually somewhere during September, although the months haven't always been consistent. ASM 11, for instance, launched on October 2019.

Why is Amazing Selling Machine closed right now?

The program is closed in order to focus all resources on the current wave of students. I imagine planning and preparing the yearly live event, as well as securing guest speakers, takes up a sizeable amount of resources, so it would be hard to run the program continually and get other things done.

Also, onboarding students includes a few weeks of weekly live sessions delivered via private webinars. This helps ensure that all students are on the same page, so to speak. Running the program continually would mean having students enter the course randomly, and, with a program of this size, that could soon get chaotic.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. Amazing LLC has a refund policy in place to enable prospective students to check out the training before committing to buying.

My personal experience and the mistake that cost me 12 months...

I first came across the Amazing Selling Machine program some years ago through an email list I was subscribed to.

That was ASM 4...

I had never heard of Amazing and I had never even considered selling on Amazon. So I passed it up.

I did watch the free training however, and I was blown away by the sheer scale of the opportunity that is Amazon (yes, even today).

Reuters reported that in 2017 Amazon shipped over 5 billion items via Amazon Prime. From 2017 to 2018 Amazon’s sales grew by $55 billion, and their last prime day event was the biggest ever (we’re taking a whopping $6 billion in sales… that’s more than they did in Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined).

All those new prime customers are signing up to Prime for one thing: to buy stuff from Amazon! Therefore, Amazon needs sellers - and plenty of them - to support their growth.

I had to wait another year for Amazing Selling Machine to open up its doors again, and when they did, I was in like a shot, and I've never looked back.

Here's my Video Review of The Amazing Selling Machine...


The Amazing Selling Machine is one of the most respected training programs when it comes to Amazon FBA training courses. ASM has a decade plus of history and has been endorsed by many entrepreneurs, including Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki.

If you're looking for the best FBA training, you'll be hard pushed to beat AMS.

There are cheaper alternatives to ASM, but ASM is a big program with live trainings and a 24x7 members area. The one time fee gets you more than just the training – it gets you access to all the above as well as a group of mentors (in the forum) to help you with your questions.

As an ASM member myself, I can honestly say that the program is well worth the money if you’re one of those people who wants to know how everything works, from a to z, or if you’re somebody who needs accountability and the support of a large community of new and established sellers who can share their wisdom and help you with your questions.

I hope this review gives you the information you were looking for.

Hoz is a micro influencer connecting with people using the web to change their lives. After a decade of optimising sites and working with eCommerce clients across the globe, he decided he could help more people as a content creator. He is the author of Perfect Solopreneur. ‍Sub and never miss another SAAS lifetime deal.