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Prompt Better: End-User Prompt Engineering for Breakthrough Results


Chat GPT in Action - Basic Examples

  • Simple prompts to generate quick content

LLM Basics: Understanding the Core of ChatGPT

  • Large Language Models explained
  • How LLMs work
  • Chat GPT

Prompting Basics: Tailor ChatGPT to Meet Any Challenge

  • Prompts explained
  • The 3 main types of prompt
  • Examples

The Art of Crafting Effective AI Prompts

  • The real skill behind prompting
  • A schema for effective prompting
  • Putting it all together


Precision Control Techniques for Enhanced Prompt Crafting

  • Prompt patterns explained
  • The Persona Pattern
  • Using the Persona Pattern with the Prompt schema
  • Example use case

Multiple Interpretations

  • The Multiple Interpreations issue explained
  • How to fix this issue

Jumping the Gun

  • Why Chat GPT sometimes 'jumps the gun' (especially with voice commands)
  • How to fix this issue

Ground Rules

  • Using Ground Rules to control the output

Affecting the Output

  • Ways to influence the output


The Persona Pattern Enhanced

  • Taking the Persona Pattern to the next level

The Audience Pattern

  • The Audience Pattern explained and why it's in dispensible


  • Leveraging the AI to build really efficient prompts

How to Craft a Super Prompt

  • My 3-Step Prompt Strategy (use responsibly)

Interacting With The AI: The Ultimate Experience

  • The Time Machine concept
  • How I interact with Generative AI systems like Chat GPT and the benefits of this approach


  • Known limitations explained

Resources and Community

  • Useful resources
  • Join the community and be heard

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I've been using Chat GPT since it came out, and I thougth I was doing pretty well with it. I tried this course because I know Hoz puts out good content, and I was surprised to see how much I didn't actually know about prompting. Well worth it. It's a short course, straight to the point in true Hoz fashion, but packed with great info!

Ste Gilboy, Beta Tester

"I don't know what I don't know."

I honeslty didn't know I needed this. It's opened up my mind. Now I'm much more deliberate with my prompting and I feel I know exactly what I'm doing.

Matt G, Beta Tester

"Mind blown!"

I'm new to AI and I'm ASTONISHED. I'm speechless. This is my new addiction. Bye bye social media.

Silvia G, Beta Tester

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