Best Tools to Sell Things Online in 2018

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Hey. Hoz here with your up to date guide on how to sell things online using the right tools for the job.

Whether you want to sell ebooks, digital products or physical products, in this tutorial I will cover different scenarios and advise you on the right tools to get moving fast.

If you’re looking around for things you can sell online then you’re probably attracted to the idea of selling online from home (and who isn’t!).

You’re probably also attracted to the making money bit, and this is one good reason to get set up with the right tools in order to increase your chances of success.

I’ve been selling online for over a decade and I’ve used almost every tool I’ve ever come across, from shopping carts to website platforms, page and funnel builders and everything in between.

As you can imagine, I’ve ditched more tools over the years than I’ve had hot dinners, and these tools in this guide are the ones that have remained with me and that I’m sticking with because they work and because they make things easier.

So let’s start by identifying the 3 different types of online seller (in general terms) and then we’ll explore each option and look at the different tools we can use.

Here are the 3 main types of online sellers:

  1. Affiliate (you make money online by referring people to somebody else’s sales page)
  2. Digital product seller (you sell ebooks, online courses and anything ‘digital’)
  3. Physical product seller (you sell physical products, although that didn’t really need mentioning…)

So let’s dig into each one.

Proven Ways of Selling and Generating Income on The Web

Sell Things Online as an Affiliate

As an affiliate, you carry no stock, which means there are no upfront costs. You get paid a commission from the vendor for each sale you refer.

The things you need to sell as an affiliate:

  • if you send visitors directly to the vendor’s sales page, you don’t need a website of your own, you’ll need a way to promote the vendor’s product. Here’s what I recommend:
    • a Facebook account
    • a Twitter account
    • a Pinterest account
    • an Instagram account
    • a free tool like The Social Media Tool to manage and schedule your social content
  • if you decide to have your own website, you have more control of the presentation and you’re able to pre-sell the visitors. Here’s what I recommend:

Sell Digital Products Online

If you want to sell ebooks, online courses, and all-things-digital, then you have 2 choices:

Sell Physical Products Online

If you want to sell physical products online, here’s what I recommend:

  • if you want to get into dropshipping:
  • if you want to get into private label and sell on Amazon:
  • if you want to sell products you make yourself:
    • use Etsy if they are craft-style or unique products
    • use eBay otherwise
  • if you want to sell your own on your own website:

Other Things You May Want to Help You Sell Things Online

  • If you’re planning on selling on your own website, you may want to create a lead magnet – that is, a front-end offer that you can give away in exchange for your visitor’s email address. Here’s what I use.
  • You will also want a solid autoresponder. This is the one I recommend.
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I hope this guide is useful to you – if you want to sell things online then these tools will cover most scenarios.

Now go sell stuff!

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