Should I Learn SEO Before I Start a Blog? (Surprise)

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Hey, it’s Hoz here with a new Ask Hoz session and in today’s session I’m going to be answering the logic-defying question: should I learn SEO before I start a blog?

No! The answer is no! That’s a little bit like asking should I learn to be a mechanic before I buy a car. Now, keeping things in context, running a car can get expensive and shelling out money for repairs is part of running a car (I should know – this is something that happens to me a lot!). Thus, you could conceivably consider learning some basic motor skills before buying a car.

Whether that’s a good move or not is a different matter. However…

When it comes to SEO - especially if you’re starting from scratch - there's going to be a learning curve and that's going to take you some time to get over.Click To Tweet

Is Learning SEO Essential for a Blogger to be Successful?

Let’s say it takes you six months to become pretty confident at what you’re doing, at least to a point where you understand how things work.

That six-month milestone is not the end of the road. There’s a lot more to learn; there’s a lot more to do, and there’s a lot more to test. In fact, testing is never-ending.

So where do you draw the line? Where do you stop learning about SEO and start your blog?

Also, potentially, during that period of learning, you’re going to be faced with decisions and distractions, all of which may steal you away from your goal, which is – or was – to start a blog!

The worst case scenario is squandering more time than you intended and find that you still haven't started your blog.Click To Tweet

Unless you’re very organised and disciplined with your long-term planning, wasted time is highly likely to happen.

Aside from your organisation skills, the fact remains that SEO is an ongoing thing. Google’s algorithm changes who knows how often – maybe daily – and that means that they keep moving the goal posts.

So you’re not learning an exact science with SEO – although SEO in and of itself is more or less an exact science. The problem is that we’re playing in an ecosystem of ever-moving goalpost where the rules keep changing, so SEO may as well not be an exact science.

Learn SEO v Starting a Blog and Learning as You Go

So what I’m suggesting is that you start your blog right now.

Just. Start. Blogging.Click To Tweet

You may have a fantastic topic; it may be your own personal journey that you’re blogging about, your own experiences, or something that you know about, and that content could be really good.

A lot of people out there could be enjoying your content. Depending on what the content is, you could even save somebody’s life! You may inspire people to go and do great things, so by you delaying this blog because you want to learn SEO, you’re depriving the world of your knowledge, of your content.

Here’s the bottom line: if you start learning SEO now and you draw a line after six months, just so you can get to grips with at least the basics and maybe some intermediate stuff before you start your blog, after those six months you still haven’t started your blog. Not only do you have to start from scratch, but worse, by that time the fire may have died.

On the other hand, if you do what I’m suggesting and you start your blog now, you can still learn SEO as you go. In this scenario, when you get to that six-month milestone and your SEO skill are improving, you have a blog with six months worth of content – that (potentially) is a ton of content.

At that point, you can go back if you want and start optimizing that content with your new SEO skills.

The important thing is that you’re already blogging – you already have momentum.

Realise also that the urge to learn other skills before starting your blog could be a way of putting something off – a type of paralysis by analysis.

So the answer has to be no.

Start blogging. Start blogging right now and learn SEO as you go. Blog about what you want to blog about and enjoy the process.

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