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Hey, it’s Hoz here with a new roundup of the Hoz guides and today’s featured guide is the how to make WordPress faster guide which is a step by step plan to help you speed up WordPress on a budget.
Making your website faster is all about speed optimisation. This topic is obsessive for many WordPress site owners, naturally, who want their pages to load fast. Let’s face it: nobody wants a site that loads slowly. If your pages load slow then your user experience is going to be terrible, which will ultimately affect your numbers.

So let’s dive in, shall we?

The Keys to WordPress Optimisation for Performance

This should be a key area of interest for any website owner. Once Google get a whiff of a site with slow loading pages (via Google Analytics’ metrics) they can assess (rightly or wrongly) the user experience provided by your pages and if it’s a negative experience then it’s likely that you’re not going to see favourable ranking.

So we agree then, that we need to speed up WordPress site performance in order to win this game.

How to Speed Up WordPress Site Pages

We can solve this pretty quickly by investing in blisteringly fast dedicated hosting with a gazillion gig of RAM and… you get the idea (bear with me, there’s a reason why I threw this out there…)

But that’s expensive, right? This solution is not within everybody’s reach. Yet, I threw it out there to make one key point:

hosting is a part of your overall WordPress speed optimization strategy

And don’t worry, this guide is about speeding up a WordPress site on a budget.

But What About the Speed Up WordPress Site Plugin?

This is exactly why I threw that example out there. Because many WP owners are searching for the magic plugin to speed up WordPress. 

The guide explains in detail why there is no such plugin. The truth is that improving the performance of WordPress involves different areas that typically cannot be addressed by one plugin.

The Different Areas Needed to Optimize WordPress

The guide covers these in detail, but let me talk about some of them here.

For example:

  • your WordPress theme is a key part of your loading times… and you can’t change that with a plugin.
  • your WordPress hosting is another key part… and you can’t change that with a plugin.

It should be clear at this point why you can’t speed up WordPress site performance with a plugin.

The good news however, is that you can use different plugins that deal with some of the separate areas to give your website a boost.

Understanding what it is that slows down WordPress and what speeds things up is half the game: it puts you in control. Once you understand what makes WordPress faster and the different areas involved, you’ll be able to search for different plugins (some of which will be free) to address each of those areas and that will drastically improve your WordPress performance. So go through this guide and learn the 5 key areas that you need to optimize in order to improve WordPress speed performance.

You’ll learn also what tools to use to do a website speed test with over-the-shoulder video examples to help you benchmark your website.

What About Image Optimization?

Optimised images are key for speed performance. This is another of the 5 key areas of optimization. the guide covers this area and includes paid and free solutions that you can implement right away.

I also talk about database optimization and CloudFlare.

Now, for the record: I no longer use CloudFlare, because my hosting is already optimized and in my case every site I’ve tested with CloudFlare has performed slower. So I personally skip CloudFlare these days but do your own test use the tools that I talk about in this WordPress guide and test your website preCloudFlare setup and postCloudFlare setup, and use real numbers to make your own assessment.

Ok, go grab the guide from the resources below and get to work!


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