The Best Way to Start Blogging (2018)

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Hey. Hoz here with another Ask Hoz session. Today’s question is a great one: what’s the best way to start blogging today – what are the things I need to have in place?

Let me answer this and also give you some resources at the end of this article so that you can get started.

Hang on to your pants because this article is packed with actionable stuff.

Ok, so when it comes to getting set up, you can actually do this very quickly these days. Let me show you how.

The Things You Need to Start Blogging Today

Ok, so let’s get down to some action:

If you don’t know how to set up your own blog, this may be the best starting point for you. Here’s how you get started:

  1. sign up to a free blog (I recommend WordPress)
  2. watch the video to set up your free blog
  3. read the rest of this guide for the next 2 steps you’ll need

The good thing about this approach is that you can actually do this very quickly and there’s no outlay – there’s no expense buying hosting or anything else for that matter.

Don’t worry if later on you want to migrate to a self-hosted blog because you can always export your data and then import it into a self-hosted blog.

The Free Way of Setting up a Blog

The downside to a free blog is that your domain name is not your own private domain name. Instead, it’s going to be a subdomain name of whoever you sign up with (e.g. WordPress or Blogger, or any other service).

So for example, your domain name may be something like: instead of

Now, these services normally have paid plans where you can upgrade and actually have your own domain name, but then you start incurring a monthly cost, and if you’re just starting out and you don’t have any traffic, that’s not always ideal.

So go with the free domain name and just get started.

The Self-Hosted Blog Way

Now, if you know how to set up your own WordPress host then the best choice would be a self-hosted blog. I recommend you use WordPress as it’s the world’s most popular publishing platform.

There’s nothing much to add here if you already know how to do this. If you want great hosting, I use these guys but I will add other good hosts in the resources at the bottom of this article.

Start Publishing Content

The next step is to actually start blogging. Quality and consistency are important. My recommendation is posting great – or at least good – content consistently. If you know your subject well that’s going to help you immensely because it means that in most cases you won’t have to research something unless you want some figures to throw in there.

Create good content that you would like to read because that's going to make your target audience engage with your content much better.Click To Tweet

And that’s basically the best way to start blogging, my friend.

Now, don’t worry right at the beginning about making money. I know it’s tempting, but resist this (in most cases). Whether you can or should monetize really depends on the niche and your actual target audience.

Testing is the best way to figure this out, but common sense in most cases would dictate that monetizing your blog too early is not a good idea, since generally you really have to earn the audience’s trust (by providing great content) before you can actually make them an offer, and that takes time.

But again, it depends on your type of traffic and the content that you’re publishing. If you can earn a bit of revenue from your blog then that in some cases you start to pay for the hosting.

The last thing about publishing content is perseverance (don’t give up!).

Starting a Blog Conclusion

This is not necessarily easy, but then again, everyone is going to have a different experience with this process.

How hard or easy you find blogging depends largely on your mindset, your skillset and also the market that you're entering.Click To Tweet

And I’ll respond to that market is hopefully you knock it out of the park and right away you’ve got lots of visitors very very engaged with your content and that would be great if that happens let me know but it you know it can be hard work and you just have to get your head down and do

Hopefully, you knock it out of the park and right away you get lots of very engaged visitors. That would be great if that happens, but it can be hard work. You just have to get your head down and do the work.

Sometimes you can get a bit dispassionate if you’re not getting enough traffic and visitors to your blog and you’re putting out content consistently, but you just have to keep churning out good content and keep promoting every piece of content on social media and everywhere you can.

But don’t just spam the web by putting links out there saying oh look at my great content. Noone likes that. But you have to find the middle ground that enables you to promote your blog, otherwise it’s going to be the best-kept secret online.

When it comes to promotion, don’t just promote something once on Twitter because there’s 24 hours in a day and very few people are going to see one tweet. You do have to post again and again, but don’t just keep posting self-promoting content on any network because no one likes either. Give value, share, talk about different things and every now and then post a link to your blog.

When you promote something on Twitter, save that tweet or reword it and promote it again maybe the next day after you’ve tweeted other things. And obviously don’t stop after posting it just twice if it’s good content. If it’s relevant to a lot of people, you need to promote that content over and over again. okay and obviously on Facebook and any other social network that you are playing in.

And obviously use Facebook and any other social network that you are playing in.

Okay, I hope that answers your question and I wish you the best of luck!

Now, about those resources I promised…


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