6 Ways to Make Money Online in 2018

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Hey, Hoz here. In this post I’m going to reveal some of the best ways to make money online today whether you have skills or not and with little to no financial investment (yay!).

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One very attractive benefit is that you can get paid 24 hours a day, literally whilst you sleep, without having to be somewhere specific.

The great news is that there are literally tons of different methods to generate an income online, and this article will give you a great start. You just need to pick one strategy and apply yourself to the task.

OK, let’s get to it and dive right in!

Here’s a List of Ways to Make Money Online Doing What You Love if You Have a Skill

Many say the easiest way to become a millionaire is to start your own business. For many, this can seem a little daunting, but let me give you an easier way to make money online selling your services doing something you already know how to do and enjoy doing: become a freelancer.

A freelancer is somebody who is not employed by anybody in particular. Instead, a freelancer is self-employed and performs jobs for money for whoever wants to pay.

Ok, let’s take a look at Wikipedia’s definition, just to we’re both on the same page:


A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term

Got it?

So you don’t need to start out by registering a company. But if and when you start to make money, do contact an accountant and talk to them about how to deal with your taxes. They may advise you to continue operating as a sole trader or to register a company, and most accountants will help you with that too. But for now, keep it simple. You just want to test the water and see if this is one of the methods that work for you.

Making Income From The Internet

Now, stick with me for one more paragraph and you’ll have everything you need to get started down this path…

Here Are Some of the Things You Can Do to Earn Cash With Your Skills:

  • writing
  • online programming
  • 3d modelling
  • video editing
  • by typing online reviews
  • by doing graphic design
  • by being a virtual assistant
  • by offering data entry (which is just typing)
  • chatting (by being a live chat assistant)
  • marketing (if you’re good at promoting websites via social media or by doing SEO you can make money online marketing)
  • social media posting on other company’s accounts
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So the question is:

Where do You go to Sell Your Services Online?

Here’s a short list some great places where you can go and sign up as a freelancer:

How to sign up:

These websites change often, so I don’t want to add a screenshot here and then have to keep checking those sites and amending this post (you can’t blame me for that!) but these websites normally have 2 choices:

  1. sign up as a freelancer
  2. hire a freelancer

If you want to sell your services, then you sign up as a freelancer.

What Then?

Each website may have their own process of approval, and that may change from time to time, but generally here’s what you do:

  1. you sign up for a freelancer account
  2. you wait for the email confirmation
  3. you log into your account and complete your profile
  4. you add your bank details or PayPal account so that you can get paid
  5. you wait to be approved

And that’s it!

Once you’re approved, you keep your eye on new jobs that come up and apply for the ones you want.

Upwork has a section where you enter your skills, and when somebody searches for a freelancer that has certain skills, your profile will come up if any of the skills the searcher types are yours. And I suspect that most if not all freelancer websites will have this very basic feature, otherwise, the searcher would have no way to search for freelancers with relevant skills for the job.

Note that you can also log in whenever you want and search for the type of online job that appeals to you – when people post what they need (for example, a logo) those posts are called jobs, so you’re literally searching for online jobs that you can then pick and choose from.

Lastly, the jobs that you will apply to can be hourly or one-time pays (it depends on what the person who posts the job chooses) but you will be able to specify in your profile how much your hourly rate is, and you can then search for jobs that pay on those terms. This is how you can make money online hourly literally on your own time from home.

This is one way to start your own make money online business doing what you’re good at.

A Question That Often Crops Up:

Q. Do you have to live in the USA to sign up to these websites?
A. No. You can be in the US, the UK and almost anywhere in the world. These websites are international – the premise under which they operate is that they allow business owners to contract workers from a different country, often at cheaper rates than they would pay at home, so everybody wins (except the local tax office, I suppose).

You can check the Wikipedia entry for Upwork to verify this:


Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. In 2015

Make Money Online Via PayPal

Now, when it comes to getting paid, you do need a bank account or in some cases you can use your PayPal account.

In many situations using PayPal is more convenient. With PayPal, you don’t have to worry about online scams because they have you covered for that kind of nastiness.

Now, the 3 freelance websites I’ve listed above are real corporations so you know you with them you can make money online legally, but for anything else you find out there, you may want to use PayPal as an extra layer of protection, at least until you’ve been working with whatever platform you choose and you feel comfortable that they operate legitimately and there are no scams involved.

Another Type of Freelance Website You Could Consider for Selling Your Services

Fiverr is another website where you could consider selling your services. Originally, the website would showcase freelancers that would do a job (which they call a ‘gig’) for $5 (hence the name). But note that this doesn’t mean you make $5 a day because the website takes a cut (that’s how these freelance websites work).

This path could be ideal for you if the big freelancer websites seem daunting or if you’re happier doing quick jobs and getting paid anything from 5 dollars upward (minus fiverr’s cut). That said, if you’re good at your job and you position yourself in a great way that attracts many buyers, you could be making $50 a day or $100 a day or more, but obviously nothing is guaranteed – it depends on how many people buy what you offer.

People who may want to go down this path include:

  • college students looking for ways to make money online over the Summer
  • people who want to offer one specific and small skill

Fiverr is a place where all kinds of people offer ‘gigs’ (jobs) that involve no skill and no investment other than a bit of time. They offer to do things like:

  • stand in a busy road holding up a sign with somebody’s company name or slogan
  • sing happy birthday to somebody in a funny voice
  • and other things that you just wouldn’t normally think of…

But What if You’re a Teen, Under 18?

Well, if you’re enterprising enough, you could offer your skill via somebody else, like a sub contractor. For example, let’s say you are great at graphic design but you’re 14 years old, and you happen to have an 18 year old brother. You could ask him to set himself up as a freelancer and offer your service via his profile.

Some things to note there though:

  1. check that it’s legit to do it this way (I’m serious, don’t do anything stupid that breaks somebody’s terms of service)
  2. if you’re able to make this work and the person you choose to front your service is as enterprising as you, they may want a cut of your earnings :) (but you’ll figure something out).

Make Money Online Selling

This is a great way to make spare cash. In fact, this old time favourite is the backbone of the online economy: millions of people make money online every day by selling stuff.

There are 2 basic approaches to selling online:

  1. buy and sell (you buy something and sell it on for profit)
  2. you make something and list it online for sale

Option 1: If you’re attracted to the buy and sell model, then eBay is still one of the best places to sell your wares. There are a gazillion guides on how to make money using eBay out there, in both ebook and video format, many authored by people who personally sell and make money on eBay, so those are your best places to get the nuts and bolts info specific to the platform (tip: start by searching YouTube).

Listing your items for sale on eBay is pretty intuitive, so I’m not suggesting you splash out on a course for that! What I’m saying is that if you’re serious about making dosh on eBay, you’d be wise to study how other sellers are doing the voodoo.

Option 2: if, on the other hand, you make stuff and you want to sell it, then this is a fabulous way to make mullah, especially if what you make is unique. This is, in fact, how you can grow a brand and make money online without investment capital, by bootstrapping your way up.

So, Where Can You Sell Your Products?

  1. Etsy
  2. Amazon

If your goal is to make money online fast, Etsy is probably an easier and faster way for you to get started than Amazon. I recommend giving Etsy a try. Etsy is a marketplace for creators like you to sell their goods. Check out the Wiki entry for Etsy:


Etsy is a peer-to-peer (P2P) e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. These

If, on the other hand, you want to sell on Amazon, then you’ll need to apply to become a seller. Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s almost always best to start in your local country, providing Amazon serve it locally.

  • search the web for ‘sell on Amazon’ in and click the link that applies to your local search.

The image below shows my local results. In my case, I would click the link in the result that comes from Amazon.

make money online selling on amazon

Make Money Online on Facebook

Now, FaceBook is an interesting place to make money, but it can be challenging. Let me ask you: when did you last go to Facebook to search for something you wanted to buy? Never. And that applies to the people who are on Facebook too: they’re not holding their credit cards like they would be if they were on eBay or Amazon.

That said, Facebook has its place in your making money online strategy. It’s a great place to promote your brand, and your goods, especially if you are a creator. If you sell on Etsy, then you should be posting photos of your creations on Facebook, telling stories about your, your brand, your products and anything else that is relevant, and posting links to where people can go and view and buy your products.

You can, of course, run paid ads on Facebook, targeting your ideal customer, but be aware that if you want to master selling on Facebook in this way, you should invest in good education to do this right and to learn the do’s and do nots (for example, certain types of promotions and certain ways to promote something are a no-no with Facebook and can get your account suspended, so always do your due diligence and read the terms of service of whatever platforms you’re using).

If you have an ecommerce store, then you can and should be promoting your products and offers on Facebook, and if you want to get a little more advanced, you could use an app to host a shop within your Facebook account.

Make Money Taking Surveys

Did you know that you can take surveys online and get paid? This may be the right choice for you if any of the above sounds like hard work and you just want to make quick and easy money online fast.

Typically, you create your account and then fill as many surveys as you want and get paid a certain amount per survey. Each site may vary slightly of course, but it doesn’t get easier than this.

There are tons of survey sites, and they come and go, and as I haven’t actually used this method myself I’m not going to recommend any specific ones. But this is what I would do if I wanted to make money online using this method:

  1. search Google for ‘make money online with surveys’ or ‘filling out surveys’
  2. scan the results and click the ones that are actually survey websites
  3. gather the top 5 or 6 and sign up to them once you’ve read about how they work
  4. that’s it! Get started!

Make Money Online Doing Affiliate Marketing

Another way of making an income online is by doing affiliate marketing. Here’s what Wiki says about that:

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by


In other words, you promote something that somebody else owns and you get a commission if somebody buys via your referral.
For this, you typically need a platform where you can promote the product from, like:

  • a blog
  • a website
  • your own email list (with subscribers)

Affiliate Marketing with a Blog

Once you find the product or service you want to promote, you can add a graphic or a link to your blog sidebar or header or even between the content, and link the graphic to the vendor’s sales page using your affiliate link, which you’ll receive from the vendor or affiliate platform. This enables the vendor (using the affiliate platform’s software) to track how many sales came via your link, and then pay you the right commission.

Affiliate Marketing with a Website

This is exactly the same setup as for a blog (see the above point). The key is to place graphics or links to the affiliate products that you want to promote, using your affiliate link.

Affiliate Marketing With an Email List

This is the best case scenario and it’s particularly well suited to bloggers. The key here is to build a loyal list of subscribers. If you have a blog, then create amazing content and offer your visitors a way to subscribe to your list so that you can update them each time there’s new content.

When you provide real value to your readers and you earn their trust and respect, you’re in a position to recommend something to them. But here’s the caveat: you can’t think of this as a way to make easy money online without putting the work in first and then making sure that you’re promoting something valuable and relevant.

Let me illustrate with an example:

Let’s say that you’re reading this post, and you think ‘wow, this guy has put some serious amount of effort and time into this post, obviously without getting paid, so that I and others can benefit from his knowledge. I love him!

You may then decide to subscribe to my list, in order to enjoy other cool content. In future, when I post, you’ll receive an email saying Hoz just posted an article on 1001 Ways to Make Money Online if You’re a Student.

The article may not be relevant to you if you’re not a student, so you may pass on it, but next week you may get an email saying Hoz just posted an article on 80 Ways to Make Good Money Online With Zero Investment and you may think ‘awesome, that’s perfect for me!’

That’s basically the way it goes with subscribers.

And then, there’s the promotion.

Let’s say that you’re interested in making money online blogging and I post a nice article on how to do just that. Well, here’s the thing: I blog and I can help you do that too. Moreover, I use a certain set of tools to get my job done. I’ve spent years tinkering and testing different tools, and it’s cost me a lot of time and money to get to the proverbial ‘here’.

This is where we reach a compromise.

I use WordPress to run my blog. But I don’t use a run of the mill theme. To create the beautiful blog you’re experiencing now, I use a page builder called Astra Pro <- that right there is my affiliate link.

Because I love this page builder like no other, I decided to become an affiliate for them. Now, I’m giving you real value here, telling you what I use, saving you a lot of hassle, money, time and stress, and by offering you my affiliate link I’m giving you a chance to express your gratitude when you buy the page builder, because the nice people who make this builder will then give me a small commission.

It’s a win-win: you get the very same fabulous page builder that I personally use, and I get a small commission (which doesn’t affect your price, by the way).

And that’s how you make money with affiliate marketing.

Always promote relevant and quality stuff. If you have a health blog and you use a great product that gives you real results, you could ask to become an affiliate and then tell your subscribers about it, offering them your affiliate link. As long as you put in the work to keep your subscribers happy, if they happen to like the offer, they have a chance to ‘give you some love’ back.

The cardinal sin in affiliate marketing is thinking that you can abuse the privilege and start promoting crap, or start promoting anything and everything, continually. Your subscribers will simply unsubscribe. So don’t be ‘that guy who burns his list’.

So Where do I go to Start Affiliate Marketing and to Find Products to Promote?

That’s easy: Clickbank

Clickbank is the biggest affiliate network and one of the oldest around. There are literally thousands of products listed on Clickbank’s marketplace and once you sign up, which is free, you can apply to become an affiliate to whatever takes your fancy. But as I mentioned above, choose offers that are relevant to your subscribers or to your blog and don’t piss anybody off.

Can I Use Facebook to do Affiliate Marketing?

In one word: NO!

As I mentioned above, always do your due diligence and find everything you need to find out before you embark on a project. This article shows you different methods you can use to earn money and where to go to get started, but please read the terms of service of whatever platform you choose and get to know what you can and can’t do. If you’re not sure, ask their support.

That said, the last thing I want you to do is to get excited Facebook and think ‘hey I could blast an affiliate promotion on Facebook using Facebook ads and make a ton of cash‘! … and then get your account suspended.

Let me save you the trouble: FB’s terms of service prohibit you from running ads that send clickers direct to an affiliate promotion. See what I mean about reading up on what you can and can’t do?

There is a way around this, and it takes work, but Facebook could change their terms of service at any point – so you still need to read them. The workaround is to have your ad send clickers to an article that offers value to the visitors and within that article mention the affiliate product and let them click the link if they want. But read up on this subject and find out the right way to do it if you choose to mix affiliate promos with Facebook.

Can You Use Social Media for Affiliate Marketing?

Generally, yes, as long as it’s within your content. Remember that when you get to paid ads, you need to understand the terms under which you are operating, and when it comes to affiliate marketing, a lot of these platforms won’t play ball with you. But yes, you could tweet a link to a promotion, or post a Facebook post etc as part of your own content.

Can You Use Google Adwords for Affiliate Marketing?

No! If you’re asking this, then here’s the bottom line: many pay per click advertising platforms are not affiliate-friendly. The safest way to promote affiliate products is as follows:

  1. on your own property (blog or website)
  2. to your own list of subscribers (since you own the list)

If you want to promote affiliate products on a property that you don’t own, you need to read up on what they allow and what they don’t. At least here I’ve given you a heads up that Facebook and Google will not allow that (at the time of this typing).

Making Money With Adsense

Ironically, Google will love you if you do affiliate marketing their way. Google has many partners and you can promote their products via Google by signing up to Google’s Adsense program.

How Adsense Works

  1. Essentially, you will need a blog or a website where you can paste a snippet of code that you get from your Google Adsense dashboard once you sign up.
  2. You then place the code somewhere on your blog or website (let’s say the sidebar)
  3. When I visit your blog or website, Google serves adverts that are relevant to me on your sidebar.
  4. If I click an ad, I am taken to the page where the ad points
  5. You get paid a commission for that click

Clever uh?

So how does Google know what ads to serve me?

That’s the Big Brother part. I mean the easy part. In layman terms: Google knows what I’ve been looking at whilst browsing the web using their browser (Chrome) and based on my browsing history, Google will serve the ads that ‘it’ thinks are most relevant.

This is good new to you as an Adsense advertiser because it means the ads are relevant, which in turn means there’s a higher chance I will click them and you, in turn, will make money.

To give you an example:

  • I browse online for Nike trainers
  • I then visit your blog and see an ad with an offer for Nike trainers
  • I click the ad to find out more
  • You make money

For this, you will need your own blog of course. If you don’t already have one, take a look at my previous article how to create a free blog.

Make Money Blogging

This is a great way to make a living, but it takes hard work unless you are incredibly lucky to hit upon something that requires little work and just goes viral.

If you have a passion and you can talk about it non-stop, that will help. For example, I love marketing and I have been working with clients for over a decade, which means I get to play with tools and figure out ways to get results for those clients. Now I get to share all that good stuff with you, here on my blog.

If you have an interest in something – fishing, sport, fashion, celebrities, gossip, bikes, cars, knitting… anything – and you like to talk and write about it, then blogging could well be the thing for you, my friend!

You will need your own blog of course, and do sign up to this blog so you can get my best 7 tools – which include a few tools that will serve you very well. If you don’t already have a blog, take a look at my previous article how to create a free blog.

Making Money With YouTube

This is another great strategy, but it also takes a bit of work, dedication and charisma (your audience have to like you to follow you, or hate you enough to want to keep tabs on you).

Still, if you think you have what it takes to become the next YouTuber then go for it!

What you’ll need

Depending on your strategy, you’ll need certain equipment.

  • A YouTube account in good standing
  • Create a YouTube channel within that account
  • If you want to be on camera you’ll need a webcam or screen recording software, a microphone or a lapel mic.
  • If you just want to talk and show your screen (for example, if you want to show tutorials) then you’ll need a screen recording program and a microphone or a lapel mic.

You can see my own equipment in a previous article titled How do you do a voice over on a video

I do recommend doing research – watching YouTube videos and studying how the YouTubers that you admire act, what they say, how they say it, and try to reverse engineer their strategy. That is your homework.

Being ‘somebody’ on YouTube can be very rewarding, but it’s unlikely to be a way to make money instantly or overnight. The rule of thumb is always to give value first. Do that, and the money will come.

Short List of Ways to Make Money Online

1Become a freelancer
2Sell things online
3Get paid to take surveys
4Do affiliate marketing
5Make money blogging
6Make money on YouTube

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope you got some good info out of it. It took a long time to put together, but if you read it, it will have been worth it.

Thank you.
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