How to Get Website Traffic + 47 Examples

website traffic how to imageZERO or few visitors to your website can make you want to give up… especially when you’ve put in the time and the work into building up your site.

After all, website traffic is the reward for all your dedication.

So how do you fix this? How do you get traffic to your website?

That’s exactly what I’m going to cover in this article. From A to Z. Everything you need to know as a beginner or novice to get traffic to your website or blog or online store.

Let’s do this:

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog or Online Store

When it comes to website traffic, there are 2 types:

  • free traffic
  • paid traffic

Here’s what each traffic type typically covers:

  • free traffic
    • social media traffic (aka referral traffic)
    • search engine traffic (aka organic traffic)
    • content marketing (i.e. publishing and promoting content)
    • guest blogging (providing it’s not paid)
  • paid traffic
    • pay per click advertising (aka PPC)
    • banner ads
    • media buys
    • any traffic channel where you pay in exchange for visitors

NOTE 1: there’s always an exception of course (for example, you could get traffic to your website by handing out leaflets to people in the street, but in the name of sanity, I’m giving you the most actionable methods.

NOTE 2: there are always ‘innovative methods‘ popping up, such as blogging networks that may get you some traffic in exchange for your visiting other blogs in that network (and other such ‘ideas’) but these methods are not exactly a predictable way to drive targeted traffic, so I won’t be covering those.

How do I Get Lots of Free Traffic Fast and Easy?

This is a question that I see over and over.

Let’s clear that up now:

  • if you want easy and fast traffic, then you need to look at paid traffic, because it doesn’t get any easier or faster than that.
  • if you want easy and fast and free, then your only realistic option is to use Social Media.
  • if you want tons of free traffic, then you will need to invest time (everything has a cost).

As you can see, free and fast and easy are usually not words that go together with ‘huge amounts of visitors’.

While you can get fast traffic using Social Media, to do so typically means you’ll need to invest time posting on Social Media to generate that traffic, and unless you have viral content, you’re not likely to generate a huge amount of traffic in a short period of time using this method.

That’s just how it is.

If you want huge waves fo visitors hitting your website, then you need to create content, and that takes time to create and time to rank.

Here are 47 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website [VIDEO]

Ok, now that we have a handle on web traffic, let’s start to look at solutions to some common scenarios:

Website Traffic Problems and Solutions

How do I get more visitors to my website?buy the traffic (e.g. Facebook ads)earn the traffic (e.g. social media posting, content marketing)
How do you increase traffic to your Website for free?use social mediause content marketing
How do I get traffic to my site fast and easily?the free way: use social mediathe paid way: buy traffic (e.g. Facebook ads)
How do I use Social Media to drive free traffic to my website?by posting content with links back to your website
How do I drive a HUGE amount of traffic to my Website?the free way: use content marketing (more on this in a moment)the paid way: pay for it (e.g. Facebook ads)
Will Content Marketing get me traffic fast?Your content needs to rank for people to find it in the search engine results, and ranking in the search results for anything with a decent amount of search traffic does not typically happen overnight.
How do I advertise my website?sign up to an ad platform (e.g. Facebook ads)create and publish an ad (with a link to your website)
How do I get my website to show up on Google search?by optimising your pages for the search term that your intended audience is searching for
How do I get my website higher up on Google?by providing better answers than the competitionby building up the authority of your website
How do I increase the authority of my website?by getting traffic to your websiteby earning links back to your content on higher authority websites

The above examples and solutions cover every question I’ve come across. There are many overlaps, of course, but reading through them with what you now know about traffic types should be starting to connect the dots for you.

But here’s the thing…

If you’re not getting traffic to your website, then it will help you immensely to understand why you’re not seeing visitors.

So let’s look at that now…

Why am I not Getting Traffic to my Website?

Here are the possible reasons:

  • your pages are not ranking high enough on Google so nobody can find them
  • nobody is searching for the keywords your page is optimised for

That’s it. You’re either not ranking or nobody is searching for your topics.

So that leads us to the next question:

Why are My pages not Ranking High Enough in Google?

That could be down to either of these things:

  • your pages are not optimised
  • your pages are optimised for keywords that you do not have the authority (yet) to rank for

And that leads us to the solution:

  • optimise your pages better and target search terms you can realistically rank for.

To generate organic traffic, the things you need to focus on are:

  • keyword research
  • on-page optimisation (SEO)
  • domain authority
  • content marketing

Here’s why…

  • Keyword research will enable you to find keywords that have enough traffic search volume to support your website traffic goals.
  • SEO will enable you to optimise your pages for the keywords you want to be found for.
  • Domain Authority will enable you to rank for the more competitive words you want to rank for.
  • Content Marketing is simply the process of creating the content that you want to rank in Google and other search engines.

And that is it.

If you’re not getting website traffic it’s because nobody is finding your pages, and nobody is finding your pages because they’re either not ranking high enough, or nobody is searching for those topics.

So how do you fix this?

  • by making sure your pages are about things that people are searching for
  • by optimising your pages properly

The first point is all about keyword research. The second point is all about SEO.

Website Traffic Types Quick-Lookup Table

The following table is a quick reference table to cement what we’ve just covered in this page:

Fast trafficpaid trafficsocial media
Easy trafficpaid trafficsocial media
Free trafficcontent marketingsocial media

Ok, now that we’ve got the full picture on the different types of web traffic and how to get it, let’s put it all together and throw in a mix of ideas to help your website reach its potential!

Here are 47 Ways to Promote Your Blog or Website, Increase Traffic, Get More Visitors Subscribing and Get Higher in the Google Rankings

1create great content that people are actually looking forprovide better content than the competition
2use nice graphics in your contentcontent with more graphics gets more shares
3use video in your content whenever possibleembed your own or other YouTube videos
4use infographics in your contentuse Canva (dot) com
5link (out) to authority websitese.g. Wikipedia
6write really good headlinesbetter titles = more clicks
7interview people who your intended audience find interestingfeature leaders in your niche
8use social media icons so that visitors can share your content
9use Google's translate plugin to translate your contentto widen your reach potential
10ask visitors to subscribeoffer them something valuable in return
11use good design and navigationimproves the user experience
12ask for feedback on your site's design and usabilityuse live chat or a feedback app (see Resources)
13start a membershipalert them to each new blog post
14guest blogto gain exposure with somebody else's audience
15add alt text to images to help them rank in g images
16invite others to guest blog on your sitethey will then promote
17post content in Linked inmake it good and link back to your content
18post content in Twitterover and over
19post content in Facebookjust like twitter, but longer
20pin your content in Pinterestthis can be a good source of traffic
21post content in Google plusdon't ignore Google's own social network
22post content in any other social platform where your audience hangs oute.g. Snapchat etc
23help people on Quora and provide relevant resources
24host webinarsrepeat often
25start a podcastpublish often and promote
26publish your content on YouTubecreate videos
27make sure you have a sitemapand promote it to google search console
28ping your contentuse pingfarm (dot) com
29use google local businessif applicable
30help people on Yahoo Answers and provide relevant resources
31repost old content on social mediause buffer (dot) com
32use an email signature link back to your website
33use Facebook adsfor paid traffic
34use Google Adwordsfor paid traffic
35use Bing adsfor paid traffic
36use Twitter adsfor paid traffic
37use Instagram adsvia Facebook ads
38use YouTube adsvia Google Ads
39use Pinterest adsfor paid traffic
40use Linked in adsfor paid traffic
41use media buyse.g. Outbrain (dot) com
42use press releasesto gain backlinks
43make use your website loads fastchoose a good host
44get good at keyword researchuse Google planner if you're
45opimize your content (SEO)e.g. a plugin like Yoast can help
46link to other relevant articles within your sitethis can boost other content
47use HARO (help a reporter out)for a potential great backlink

I hope you enjoyed this guide. Web traffic is a big subject (as you can see) so here are some extra resources to help you along.

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