Best Initial Link Building for New Site to Avoid Penalties

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Hey, it’s Hoz with a new Ask Hoz session, and in today’s session, I’m going to be answering the spiffing: question what initial link building do you recommend for a new website?

This is actually a very good question and one which I am going to answer swiftly. In fact, let me reaffirm here what I’m going to lay out for you:

How to Acquire Backlinks Safely for a New Website

Okay, so for a brand new website looking to gain some backlinks, the strategy is going to depend on your budget. I’m going to assume that you want to do this for free or as cheaply as possible.

The first and most important way for you to generate links safely today is the same regardless of your budget, but how you proceed from thereon does vary depending, so let’s dig in.

Your Initial Link Building Effort Starts With Your Content

Publishing content regularly is your number one safe strategy.

To get the most out of this, the full process is:

  • create content that people are actively searching for
  • publish that content to your blog or website
  • promote that content

This process is known as content marketing.

The premise of content marketing is that people will naturally share and link to good content, gaining you backlinks.Click To Tweet

This is arguably the only natural way of link building, and thus it is the safest by far.

  • Is it quick?
  • No!

Unless you have killer content, then building links this way is a long-term strategy. Domain and page authority as a result of backlinks build in this fashion does not happen overnight, but this is how the game is played in terms of natural content marketing.

The Next Step is to Promote Your Content for ‘Link Love’

Start with social media. Make sure you’re posting content regularly in order to get the most out of this strategy: with few exceptions, you want diverse links pointing to many pages.

Use the main social platforms or / and the ones that attract your audience. These almost always are going to be:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Depending on the niche, Instagram may be a good choice too.

Add Google + to your marketing channels. Even if you think that your audience doesn’t hang out here, links back from Google plus are not to be missed.

How this works:

Each time you publish new content, promote it on your chosen social media channels. Don’t just promote it once though; promote it multiple times to maximise visibility. People need to see that content in order to like it and link to it.

If you can establish a presence on YouTube, then go for it. Publish video content and promote your website content that way too in order to increase the visibility of your content.

These are the things that you can do as part of your initial link building – especially for a new website with few or no links.

The Next Step

Next, you can look at guest blogging. This can be a pain because you have to reach out to bloggers (they call it blogger outreach) and convince them that you are worthy of providing them with a good quality post for their blog and audience.

The idea here is that, should you be accepted, you can submit a great blog post relevant to the blog’s audience and in exchange, you get to add a link back to your own blog or website, typically in the author bio.

Aim to publish on blogs and sites that have a higher authority than your own in order to benefit from that backlink.Click To Tweet
Guest posting or guest blogging is one great way of building good quality links. But it does take work, from contacting potential bloggers to creating that content.Click To Tweet

More Ways to Build Links

Another great way to build links is by doing press releases, although they are not as effective as they once were. That said, a press release can help you diversify your link pattern.

However: make sure you use a professional press release distribution and do not buy crap press releases and distribution from certain places for a few dollars (don’t do this to your blog!)


Your initial link building strategy should focus first and foremost on your content. After all, backlinks are going to be linking to… your content!

Without content, backlinking becomes meaningless, since the whole point is to point back to content.

If you have only a handful of articles on your website and you have thousands of links pointing at your content, those PHd guys over at Google are going to sniff a rat. There are exceptions of course, but a blogger starting out a link building campaign is not the exception.

The Best Way to Get Links to a New Site [Video Podcast]

Here’s my video on the best ways to get backlinks to a new website safely:

Finally, since the main point of acquiring backlinks is to rank, you may want to go over my WordPress optimisation guide to make sure your website is primed to rank.

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