5 Steps WordPress SEO Infographic Download (2018)

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Hey, it’s Hoz here and today I have a WordPress SEO infographic for you. The infographic covers the exact 5 steps that I undertake to make my WordPress websites faster. These are what I think of as the five core steps of WordPress optimisation.

Before we get started, here’s the entire step by step WordPress optimization guide that goes along with the WordPress SEO infographic.

Now, WordPress SEO, as you well know, is a very broad topic. It gets complicated because of one key problem, which is the fact that everyone has a different WordPress theme, and they’re all coded differently. Some of them are weighty, some of them are light; some of them are well optimized and some of them aren’t.

So when it comes to SEO, you end up in a situation where you’re always comparing apples with oranges.

What I mean by this is that when somebody shares results of how a particular optimization plug-in has worked for them, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to do the same for your WordPress site, because your site will be coded differently and you will have different plugins, and all this stuff interact together.

But that’s only the shallow end of the pool because your hosting plays a huge role in your page loading speed, as do your images. So any magic results from an SEO plugin don’t take into account those things (i.e. your plugin can’t change your hosting).

All you can do at the end of the day is test what somebody says and see if that improves the speed on your WordPress website with your current setup.

In case you’re wondering, I use a superbly well-optimized WP theme that’s nice and light. It’s this. And when it comes to hosting, I use Guru.

Now, my WordPress SEO infographic is not about using a particular plug-in or another one, although I do share the plugins that I use and my entire setup on the how to make WordPress faster blog post.

How to Use This WordPress SEO Infographic

  • If you’re just getting started out on your SEO journey, use the graphic to cut out the noise and see what the 5 core steps are. Once you get those right, you can tweak other things in order to squeeze out a little bit more speed out of your site, but these 5 pieces are the foundation of your WP optimization.
  • If you’re a fully-fledged WordPresser (yay!) then take this graphic as me sharing what’s working really well for me with my setup, and use it to see whether you can squeeze some extra good ol’ page speed out of your own site.

Share the WordPress Optimization Infographic For Extra Cool Points

You are most welcome to use this graphic on your own blog or website, and sharing it with your friends and followers. Below is the actual infographic and below that is the link to where you can get the embed link to embed it on your own site. Enjoy!

WordPress Optimization Infographic: The 5 SEO Pillars to Increase Your Site Speed

How to use this infographic on your own site or blog:

  • visit Slideshare by clicking here
  • in Slideshare, click on the Share button at the bottom of the infographic to get the embed code, like this:

how to get the amazon fba infographic

Thank you for taking the time to go through this guide and please share it so that others can also get this WordPress speed thing nailed.



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